Texting-for-business Features for High-Functioning Teams

Reach more customers faster

Send unlimited texts to unlimited contacts. It’s easier than ever to reach your customers by enabling two-way SMS texting on your existing business number. Tools like group text allow you to send a single message to multiple contacts at a time, and triggered auto-replies allow your customers to get responses back from you instantly.

Unlimited Contacts

Auto Reply

Group Texting

Save time and resources

Streamline your process and spend less time on administrative work. Create reusable text message templates so you can quickly send standard messages again and again. Dynamic fields allow you to personalize every message - even group texts. Schedule text messages in advance, so you can plan campaigns and never forget to send reminders. Answer common questions with set responses that trigger on specific keywords.

Dynamic Templates

Scheduled Messages

Implement promotions and contests. Optimize with data-packed reports.

Keywords allow customers to text a specific word and receive an automated response, providing enhanced customer engagement and unique marketing opportunities. Using our Keywords reporting tool, your business can easily evaluate usage of all Keywords across lines and optimize campaigns over time. Keyword reporting will give you insight into which Keywords have the highest response rate, what day and time your Keywords get the best engagement and more.



Personalize and humanize your communication

Increase engagement by utilizing the platform customers already use every day. An Emoji keyboard and MMS messages allow your texts to speak louder than words. Personalize each text with a custom signature that caters to unique customer needs. Engaging in conversational texting, not spam, will boost brand loyalty and customer retention.

MMS Messages

Emoji Keyboard

Custom Signature

Speed up your workflow

User-friendly account management tools simplify our sophisticated software. Easily add important details to contact cards, and use the search function to quickly find contacts or groups. Mark inbound messages as unread to optimize your team's workflow.

Contact Details

Mark as Unread



Organize and collaborate

Our enterprise-grade multi-user platform and switchboard allow for easy collaboration between large teams, and admin controls allow managers to set customized permissions for users.

Work from anywhere

Access and use your texting “inbox” on any device with our family of apps. Our cloud-based software means message conversations and contacts are all stored in one spot.

Gain insights from your texts

Sort through message archives easily and quickly with conversation filters. Use reports and delivery receipts to measure the performance of your customer communication.

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