Zipwhip’s powerful business texting features help you reach customers faster

Invest in SMS tools that make life easier for you and your customers

Zipwhip texting features


Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and increase your team’s productivity with convenient automation tools.

Auto Replies

Ensure your customers always get a response. Assign a message to be sent outside business hours, or during lunch breaks and other times your team can’t respond immediately.


Answer common questions, run promotions and more with SMS Keywords. Create a Keyword, e.g. “Tickets” that triggers an automatic reply any time a customer texts in that word.


Create reusable text message templates so you can quickly send standard messages again and again.

Scheduled Messages

Stay on top of operational messages like appointment and billing reminders by scheduling them ahead of time. Compose your message from scratch or use a template, then choose a day and time for it to be sent.

Text message auto reply
Text message auto reply
SMS keywords
Text message templates
Schedule text messages
SMS dynamic fields
SMS dynamic fields
text message software emojis
Text signature


Build relationships with your customers by adding a personal touch to every text.

Custom Fields

Personalize messages quickly by choosing any contact information to include dynamically such as customer case number, product reference, etc.


Inject some personality into your message and say what words can’t.

Custom Signatures

Add your signature with one click or set it to automatically attach to every message.

Productivity and Organization

Stay organized and communicate with customers effectively.

Group Messaging

Quickly send BCC messages to groups of up to 50 contacts. Pair with Dynamic Fields to create messaging that still feels personalized.


Enhance your messages with images and video. Send documents such as insurance policies and resumes to eliminate the need for email.


Bulk upload your contacts and easily store information like phone numbers, addresses, job titles and more.

Message Feed

See all inbound messages in a single feed rather than searching through multiple conversations.


Never miss a message again with convenient browser, desktop and mobile alerts.

sms group texting
sms group texting
MMS picture messaging
SMS contacts
Zipwhip message feed
Zipwhip text notifications
Texting for business analytics
Texting for business analytics
SMS keyword reporting


Track and optimize the performance of your text messages with easy-to-read reports.

Message Reports

Review reports for each of your lines in the Admin console and use this data to help your team make strategic decisions such as when and how to contact customers.

Keyword Reports

Optimize your promotional campaigns and provide insight on how customers are engaging with your business.

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