Texting for Enterprise

Trust your enterprise texting needs to an industry leader, offering a world-class, scalable software solution on a secure, reliable network we own and control.  

The Zipwhip advantage

Zipwhip invented Texting for Business. Not only is our software and API a proven solution that can be implemented across an entire enterprise, Zipwhip is the only texting provider that all Tier 1 and 2 wireless operators trust to manage their network-level connectivity for high-volume commercial traffic. Zipwhip controls the network capacity, speed, security and safeguards and is SOC 2, Type 2 compliant for security, the industry standard for SaaS providers. 

Features for compliance

Stop All

Ensure that you customers don’t receive unwanted texts. Give them the ability to quickly and easily opt out of all texts from your company – regardless of which line the original text was sent from. Just like the STOP command, the STOPALL keyword is supported at the network layer, which means opt-out requests are processed automatically, helping you to further minimize your company’s TCPA risk.

First Contact Message

Create an enterprise-wide, system-generated message that’s delivered to customers and prospects upon first contact. This message cannot be modified, ensuring every conversation with customers always has the appropriate compliance language at the beginning of the engagement.

Customizable fields

Mandatory Fields

Ensure 100% compliance when it comes to capturing data on your customers by enforcing mandatory data fields such as claim number, account number, case number and more.

Features for secure access

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Allow employees to log in to Zipwhip using your company’s credentials to provide an added layer of security.

Features built for enterprise texting

Data Export

Automated batch message history and conversation transcript exports allow you to upload messaging transcript data into your data warehouse for analysis, archiving and permanent retention.

API for Alerts & Notifications

Send automated, high volume, programmatic messages via the same two-way texting platform.

Custom solutions, implementation and support

Zipwhip offers a team of highly experienced resources to assist with implementation and success.  From early discovery through launch and beyond, our team of experts ensures you have a sustainable solution in place to address your unique texting needs. This includes: