of consumers get frustrated having to call customer service


of consumers would prefer to text customer service instead


of consumers have a more positive impression of companies that offer texting

Benefit from unrivaled reliability

Zipwhip is the only texting provider that all Tier 1 and 2 wireless operators trust to manage their network-level connectivity for high-volume commercial traffic. In fact, even our competitors send their traffic through us.

Consumer-focused innovation

Over 20,000 businesses – including major brands like Nestlé, Gerber and Verizon – use Zipwhip because their customers prefer the option to text or call when they want to get in touch.

89% of consumers prefer messaging over email or phone calls to communicate with businesses

Compliant by design

Zipwhip deploys industry-leading safeguards at the network level so businesses can easily maintain compliance and engage in real, human text conversations with their customers.

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Today’s consumers prefer to communicate via text, rather than by email or phone calls.


Your customers won't need to download an app to message you, they can text.
real time


For immediate, high-priority communication that fits into people's busy lives.
high priority


Have natural, convenient two-way conversations with your customers.

Texting solutions built to scale

Zipwhip provides a unified platform for you to manage all conversations across multiple departments and locations.
Individualized user roles
Customize your team members' access to your account based on their role and what they manage.
Real-time collaboration
Activity updates that show when a team member has viewed or is replying to a message.
Easily manage multiple locations at once within one central dashboard.
Throttle rate
Increase high-traffic performance and ensure text message delivery.
Track message volumes and performance in the Zipwhip dashboard or enhanced data integrations.
Team member trail
See which team member replied or marked a message as read so everyone stays on track.