Speed, Security and Reliability 

Zipwhip is the only texting provider that all Tier 1 and 2 wireless operators trust to manage their network-level connectivity for high-volume commercial traffic. Zipwhip controls the network capacity, speed, security and safeguards.

Your customers are texting your business more than you think.

Activate texting for your existing business phone number to immediately start communicating with your customers on the medium they prefer. Centralize communication, improve efficiency and create long-lasting customer relationships with our easy-to-use desktop, web and mobile apps.


Texting Solutions Built to Scale


Tailor Zipwhip’s software to your existing systems of record, CRM or archives with seamless integrations. Easily plug and play with our robust integration framework.

Network Reliability

Zipwhip leverages a high-capacity network to ensure message delivery and speed. The platform offers comprehensive monitoring, self-healing and auto-scaling capabilities.


Encryption safeguards of sensitive information include industry-recommended key-management practices and strength protocols. Multi-factor authentication is deployed to defend against phishing and ransomware attacks.

High-volume Bandwidth

We engineer network capacity and scalability to ensure real-time message delivery and high availability during periods of peak volume.


Fine-tune your campaigns in real-time and optimize your business with comprehensive data insights within the platform.

Platform Scalability

Fully located in the cloud, georedundancies in AWS allow for the platform to grow and scale as needed.

Carrier Grade Messaging Platform

The only SaaS business texting solution that controls its own infrastructure

“Zipwhip has been tremendously helpful! Five months ago our retention rate was at 88%, today it’s at 94%. The only thing that has changed from then until now is that we text.”

– Joe Clevenger, Principal of Clevenger Insurance

“My sales numbers went through the roof when I started using Zipwhip. SMS messaging is the #1 thing to do! I would email and call people 20 times within a six month timespan and no response. But when I sent an SMS message with Zipwhip, suddenly it was like ‘Oh hey! What do you need?'”

– Tiffany Knupp, Agent & Owner at Farmers Insurance

"My clients love SMS messaging. It works so well! No one answers their phone anymore. And even I text better than I email."

– Kristyn Cline, Agent & Owner at Farmers Insurance

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