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The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, established in 1968, is a national 500 location franchise that allows Pharmacy Owners the freedom needed to grow the business while also focusing on the needs of patients. At the Medicine Shoppe of Denison & Sherman, Texas, Jana Bennett treats her customers like family and works to provide the highest level of customer service.


Jana says her biggest challenges as an Independent Pharmacy Owner are:

  • Low reimbursements
  • Getting people to be adherent
  • Time spent dealing with insurance

Jana’s staff was doing anything they could to get their patients their medications every month to meet adherence metrics and minimize DIR fees. Every month, they were calling about 750 patients in their med sync before the refill due date to verify changes. “Hardly anyone would answer…and they wouldn’t call us back,” Pharmacy Owner, Jana Bennett said. In addition, the huge amount of time wasted on the phone with insurance hindered their ability to provide higher levels of customer service

"Hardly anyone would answer and they wouldn’t call us back. Now we’re using texting instead and almost everybody responds. Like immediately."
Jana Bennett
Pharmacy Owner
Sherman, TX


Zipwhip is helping Jana reach more people to identify prescription changes or non-adherence and improve the management of her med sync program. “We’ve added a lot of customer service type things…It’s so easy, it doesn’t take any time to send a text!”

Medicine Shoppe at Denison & Sherman are now:

  • Improving drive-through experience
  • Alerting patients when meds are out of stock
  • Scheduling follow up texts to check on newly prescribed patients

Jana’s most recent Zipwhip success story involved preventing a transfer of a med sync patient with 16 script to a mail order pharmacy.

“We get to keep a good customer because of Zipwhip!”

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