Zipwhip for Higher Education

Sylvan Learning Center

Sylvan Learning Centers focus on personalized learning for primary and secondary education. Prior to adopting Zipwhip, the Sylvan Learning Center in Los Angeles was using another texting provider that lacked certain key features. When they switched to Zipwhip’s two-way texting, they saw an immediate increase in efficiencies across the board, saving time and money.


Sylvan Learning Center directors and owners spent a lot of energy communicating with prospective, current and former clients in efforts to boost enrollment and retain current students. They adopted a texting service to help streamline communication,
but the texting service they used proved inefficient and frustrating.With the old provider, their texts weren’t attached to their existing phone number, so families couldn’t call the number they were texting. It was frustrating to not be able to seamlessly switch between calling and texting on the same number. The centers had no way of answering those attempted incoming phone calls, so they missed out on a lot of communication. The overall user experience of the software left much to be desired, as well, because it lacked in basic functions like Templates and Dynamic Fields.
“The switch to Zipwhip has helped us provide a better experience for workers, parents and students. The automation within the tool has cut the time we spend texting in half.”

Celeste Shields
Administrative Coordinator
Sylvan Learning Center


Sylvan replaced their old text provider with Zipwhip’s business texting solution and immediately saw a drastic increase in efficiency. Key features like BCC Group Messaging, Templates, Scheduled Texts and Dynamic Fields allow them to execute important communication functions more efficiently.


They have saved a considerable amount of time – cutting the amount they spend on texting-related activities in half after adopting Zipwhip. Their previous texting provider took 50 percent more time due to the limited functionality and inability to connect their

existing phone number. Zipwhip has been a valuable investment, giving them time back in their days to focus on teaching and relationship building.


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