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The title insurance industry is all about deadlines, and the Puget Sound division of Stewart Title was struggling to reach partners and clients quickly using traditional methods of communication. As a result, they were wasting valuable time and inconveniencing their customers with countless emails and voicemails.

After searching for a texting tool that could utilize their existing business phone numbers and was CFPB compliant, they chose Zipwhip. Now, they not only save hours per week on communication, but their clients and partners love the ease of texting.


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Prior to Zipwhip, the Puget Sound team was using email and phone calls to get ahold of clients, real estate agents, builders and business development officers (BDOs). Because many of these contacts work remotely, it would often take hours to get a response through email, and phone calls would typically go straight to voicemail and result in a game of phone tag.

Senior Division President, Wyomia Clifton, believed using texting for “short format, high priority” communication would allow customers to communicate more efficiently with her team and vice versa, offering Stewart Title a competitive advantage. Some BDOs were already using their cell phones to text customers, but with no way to document these conversations, it was difficult to enforce compliance with CFPB regulations.

Stewart Title needed a fast, easy and convenient texting solution that worked with their existing business phone numbers and was CFPB compliant. After researching all available options, they chose Zipwhip.


Since adopting Zipwhip, Branch Manager, Kelly Weaver reports saving 3-4 hours per week on communications. She uses Zipwhip both internally and externally to deliver news to agents, get answers from notaries and stay in touch with BDOs in the field. A notary who’s in back-to-back signings all day may not have time to retun a call, but can easily reply to a text. Similarly, a builder on a construction site can type a quick response without ever leaving the field.

The majority of Kelly’s customers also prefer text for the fast exchange of information. They can get the answers they’re anxiously waiting for in seconds and avoid process delays by quickly providing information when needed.

Finally, as a manager, Kelly like that Zipwhip allows her to oversee conversations between her staff and clients. Her Zipwhip account is linked with her assistant’s so she can keep up on conversations in real time. Additionally, she can access Zipwhip on both her desktop and mobile devices, making it easy to communicate wherever she goes.

Zipwhip is a win/win/win. It saves time for Stewart Title staff and customers, provides a competitive sales advantage and allows customers to communicate using their preferred method – texting.

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