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Sacramento River Cats

The Sacramento River Cats Triple-A baseball team wanted to use texting and text payments to take their donation partnership with the local CBS television affiliate, and Feed the Valley to the next level.

After signing up for TXT2PAY for Zipwhip, The Sacramento River Cats were able to achieve their donation goal of over $5,000 to help feed families over the holidays.



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The Sacramento River Cats have been a premier Triple-A Ball club for years and recently finished their season in 2019 as the Triple-A National Champions. In an effort to support their local community, which has helped them grow to a premiere Triple-A club, they wanted to give back and support overwhelmed food banks in their area.

The River Cats were approached by CBS13 to potentially partner to broadcast their donation effort. There was an immediate need for a fast, simple solution to be able to request and collect donations from CBS viewers and River Cats fans.

Accepting credit card information over the phone leads to potential input errors and a slowdown in workflow for the limited staff on the phones. If a digit is incorrect in the process of charging a customer, the payment will not go through. This can result in a frustrated donor, plus a frustrated employee and wasted time.

Not only did the River Cats need a simple way to allow fans and viewers of CBS13 to text in and pledge their donation, they also needed a way to collect those donations securely. On top of that, they were looking for an efficient way to communicate with donors and fans.

“Donors have that one notification & one touch payment. It is so simple for donors to participate.” ​
Justice Hoyt​
Director of Ticket Sales


The Sacramento River Cats are using TXT2PAY for Zipwhip successfully and have made TXT2PAY an effective donation tool. They have substantial plans to roll out TXT2PAY across the ballpark.

Leveraging the great reach that CBS13 has throughout Sacramento, Modesto, and Stockton, the River Cats were able to broadcast their donation effort to a large audience. Texting in the keywords for “single, double, triple home run” sent payment requests for $10, $20, $30 and $50 respectively. There was a great amount of support and participation from fans but even more so from the CBS audience that were not direct fans of The River Cats prior to the donation effort.

The River Cats shot four commercials that aired on CBS13 at four different times of the day with the Keywords above and “Text us here to donate to the food banks.” The response was fantastic from both fans and viewers raising over $5,000 dollars in the effort and over 40% of that coming from TXT2PAY directly. They also used texting to send out a promo code with 15% off for donors to use in The River Cats team store. This was a great way to not only thank the fans for their donation but to build support for the team as well.

The River Cats have plans to take Zipwhip to other areas of the ballpark and simplify their own processes as well as facilitate business through ticket sales and benefactor raffles. With the smaller sales team in office due to the pandemic, instituting a new ticket sale via text program will encourage their existing fans to pre-purchase tickets for the upcoming season as well as the new potential fans they acquired from their donation campaign. Replacing phone calls that take days to conduct, often with mixed results, with texting will greatly reduce the time needed to sell tickets. Additionally, being able to highlight a partner in their “beneficiary partner of the night” program allows fans to donate again right in the park.
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