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Nodak Insurance Company, recognized as one of the top 50 property/casualty companies in the nation by the The Ward Group, is a North Dakota-based company that has been proudly serving the state’s residents for more than 70 years. 


  • Nearly tripled rates for first contact
  • Significant reduction in claims cycle time
  • More complete record of customer communications
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As Nodak expanded into Nebraska and South Dakota, they were finding it increasingly difficult to contact customers. More and more emails were going unanswered, and with a rise in robocalls and spoofed phone numbers – scam calls that appear to originate from a local number – phone calls were increasingly being ignored too.

To improve the efficiency of connecting with customers, Nodak rolled out the Zipwhip Texting For BusinessTM platform to their claims department. Initially, the team viewed texting as a secondary tool for getting in touch with hard-to-reach claimants, but it soon became the primary method for communicating with insureds.

"Texting has become the number one way to communicate with people, especially with people who don't already have you in their contacts list."
Chris Oen
Director-Casualty Claims, Nodak Insurance


Prior to Zipwhip, adjusters were able to connect with customers within 24 hours on about 20% to 25% of new claims.  Now, after adding texting as a communications option, they connect with almost 75% of new claims within 24 hours. 

Since implementing Zipwhip, Nodak is able to process claims more quickly. In fact, on some simple claims – for instance, an auto claim with no other vehicle involved – adjusters can often close out the claim without ever picking up the phone. 

Picture messaging is a huge time saver for both customers and employees. Insureds can easily snap a picture of damage and text it to the adjuster directly from their phoneCustomers who don’t have the ability to scan and email documents are able to send pictures of the documents by text. 

Chris Oen, Director-Casualty Claims, views texting as an essential tool. He has easy access to the text communications between adjusters and customers.  Zipwhip texting has improved his team’s efficiency and effectiveness, and it’s become a technology that Nodak can’t imagine doing business without. 

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