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Mt. Caramel Pharmacy & Surgicals

Mt. Caramel, a pharmacy located in New York, faced two main challenges: offering a simple contactless payment method for customers and developing an efficient workflow for staff.

Since signing up for TXT2PAY for Zipwhip, Mt. Caramel has been able to encourage customers to make payments via text, which has greatly increased efficiency and has improved safety for both customers and staff, all while improving customer experience.



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Mt. Caramel Pharmacy and Surgicals has been proudly serving the Bronx since 1964 and is a trusted business within their community. Mt. Caramel keeps patient care and customer service at the core of their business.  

The main issue Mt. Caramel faced was speed of transaction and overall efficiency with their customers, the staff realized they were receiving multiple calls from the same customer looking for prescription status, which led to a substantial amount of time on the phone. Additionally, when the prescription was ready for pickup, customers were asked to pay over the phone. This resulted in both inefficiencies for staff and customers, and a potential security challenge charging customer over the phone.  

Mt. Caramel also delivers medication for their usual client base, between 500 to 600 deliveries every single dayWith this type of delivery volume, small tasks can add up to a substantial amount of time. Before using TXT2PAY, customers typically paid with checks or cash which can lead to a number of problems for the pharmacy, including room for human error in writing checks, miscounting cash or incorrectly writing down a card digit.  

On top of thatthe pharmacy faced serious challenges with COVID-19 like many businesses have.   

As a registered pharmacy, Mt. Caramel applied to the New York distribution website to assist in the distribution of the vaccine. As soon as the business was added to the official New York distribution website, the phone rang constantly for multiple days on end, with citizens trying to locate a vaccine. “Our phone sounded almost like it was a joke, like if you started a ring and it didn’t stop for two days, said Armand Paganelli. Unable to handle the call volume, in addition to not being able to service their usual customers as they were lost in the sea of calls, something had to change.

“We were receiving in this tiny, little corner drug store in The Bronx, New York 1,200 phone calls a day. You don't have enough staff at a place like this to manage that kind of call volume. So our business has definitely been transformed with Zipwhip and TXT2PAY.”
Armond Paganelli (Center)
CFO, Mt. Caramel Pharmacy & Surgicals


TXT2PAY for Zipwhip has become an essential tool in Mt. Caramel’s day-to-day workflow. They’ve reduced the number of steps necessary to process payments securely and created a seamless flow for customers. Leveraging TXT2PAY for Zipwhip, the store has been able to conduct a substantial portion of its transactions via text message and save countless hours manually entering checks, counting cash or charging from handwritten card numbers. Rather than requesting and correctly transcribing credit card information over the phone, the store now sends a payment request via text and gets a receipt off to the customer in less time than it took to manually charge customers. Not only has TXT2PAY saved substantial time, but also greatly increased the security of sensitive data of their valued customers.  

Simplifying the process for servicing their existing clients was important to the team at Mt. Caramel, but they also wanted to offer a COVID friendly way to request payments. Using TXT2PAY, drivers can deliver critical prescriptions while maintaining social distance, even when collecting payments. Giving customers the option to pay via text has made it easier than ever to keep both the customer and the drivers safely socially distanced.  

Mt. Caramel suffered from critical call volume in excess of 1,200 calls a day about vaccine interest. The pharmacy of five employees had nowhere near the staff to handle that level of call volume. To remedy this issue, the pharmacy deployed a required recorded message on its phone lines, which instructed customers to instead text the pharmacy. It said: “If you’re calling about the vaccine, hang up and text the word vaccine. They set up this keyword in Zipwhip to send customers specific instructions about how to sign up to receive the vaccine and pointed them to additional resources on their website. Not only did this stop the crippling call volume, it gave every single customer the information they were looking for in the fastest way possibletext message.  

Mt. Caramel has leveraged TXT2PAY for Zipwhip to not only transform the ways in which their customers reach them, but how they pay for crucial prescriptions. The pharmacy is a shining example of how to use two-way business texting to increase business efficiency and provide the best customer experience possible 

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