Zipwhip for Credit Unions

Missoula Federal Credit Union

“People helping people” is the philosophy of Missoula Federal Credit Union, a locally owned, not-for-profit Financial cooperative. The Accounts Resolution team at MFCU uses Zipwhip to get in touch with people who are behind on their loan payments and work with them to bring them current. 


Making contact with delinquent members is the biggest challenge, Vice President Brandi McKnight says. Before Zipwhip, MFCU was using phone calls and emails to get ahold of their customers. They were contacting each member three or four times and were frustrated at being ignored. Why weren’t people responding? A common reason people don’t respond is because they are at work from eight-to-five and don’t have time to make a phone call. Brandi also suspected that many people weren’t responding out of embarrassment, particularly millennials.

"We were just calling and emailing and not getting any responses. The lack of communication with younger borrowers is what led us to Zipwhip"
Brandi McKnight
Vice President, MFCU
Missoula, MT


Brandi says texting allows her Accounts Resolution staff to successfully make contact with people during the workday. Members of the working public might not have time to jump into a twenty minute phone call with their credit union, but they can take two seconds to send off a quick text.

Zipwhip Financial Shy millennials are also more inclined to respond via text. When given the choice between being able to only talk or only text, 75 percent of millennials choose texting over talking on their mobile phones, OpenMarket reported.

From there they can work together to make payment arrangements and bring the member back to current.

Finally, with Zipwhip they get to keep their existing phone number – texts go directly to the web app, where they can be accessed from any desktop computer or mobile device. Brandi’s team is now reaching borrowers they had never been able to reach in the past.

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