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Benefits for medical practices

Medical Text Messaging

Auto Reply

Provide patients emergency instructions and collect appointment requests during non-work hours.

Desktop Apps

Zipwhip's Desktop App notifies you of new texts when you're working in another program.

Group Texting

Create segmented groups for processing wait lists or filling last-minute cancellations. Texts are sent as BCC'ed messages.

Scheduled Texting

Automate text messages to be sent at a later date to notify patients when they have an appointment or are overdue for a visit.


Once patients know they can text, they start asking about bills and their next appointment.

Dr. Michael Bratland, CEO



Zipwhip's landline texting is helping The Medicine Shoppe streamline overall customer experience and keep a competitive edge in their market.

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McCracken Chiropractic has decreased appointment no-shows and patients are loving the convenience of texting the number they know.

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Two-way text messaging gives independent pharmacists a competitive edge in patient communication.

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