Zipwhip for Healthcare

McCracken Chiropractic & Wellness

McCracken Chiropractic & Wellness Center is dedicated to providing comprehensive personalized care in a comfortable, clean, and professional environment. Using a safe and healthy eastern medicinal approach, this Wellness Center merges traditional chiropractic care with naturopathy, acupuncture, massage therapy, rolfing, and more.


McCracken Chiropractic and Wellness Center had been facing communication barriers with patients and other medical professionals. They were forced to make multiple phone calls in a day; playing phone tag and leaving voicemails in order to reach people during business hours. Patients weren’t responding to follow-up calls or waitlist outreach, resulting in higher no-show rates.

They went in search of a better way to reach out to patients that would strengthen doctor-patient interactions but would also be convenient and time effcient for both the patients and the clinic. McCracken began using Zipwhip in 2014 and since have entirely changed the way they communicate with patients and other medical professionals.

“Patients can be in a business meeting and respond to our texts right away. Our patients love texting us, and they love that it’s a number that they recognize.”
Front Oce Administrator, McCracken


Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive since McCracken added Zipwhip’s texting solution to their existing business number. Patients prefer the personal interaction two-way texting provides as well as the convenience of fully interactive appointment reminders.

No-show rates dropped significantly after they began texting with Zipwhip. McCracken is now able to offer an added level of flexibility by allowing patients to easily communicate when changes are needed to appointment times; while at the same time, filling openings quickly with the BCC group texting feature.

McCracken found additional uses for texting in their business model as well.

“We don’t solely use texting for external communication. Zipwhip allows us to have inter-offce communication with doctors and in-network practitioners. Rather than calling a doctor with a question, we text them and get a response within seconds,” said Brittany.

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