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Life Pacific University

Multi-department users of Life Pacific University located in California, faced challenges in three main areas: driving new enrollment, streamlining student outreach and retaining currently enrolled students.

After signing up for Zipwhip, LPU has been able to simplify enrollment communications, maintain steady recruitment and keep connected with and retain students.



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Recruiting and retaining new students is always a key area of focus for colleges and universities across the country. Higher Education as an industry has been facing an enrollment crisis and Life Pacific University is unfortunately not immune to those effects. On average, recruitment numbers are down and retention numbers, especially during Covid-19 have fallen as well. Additionally, general communication with students about events, webinars and reminders have been difficult.

Recruiting new students is difficult even with the right messaging and deliverability. The time required to enroll a new student can include multiple phone calls, voicemails and a dozen emails per potential student. All of this communication is managed by a small handful of recruiting staff at LPU where time is a premium to reach out to prospective students.

Retaining existing students is another area where colleges and universities can struggle, and Covid-19 has not been kind to retention rates across the country. Student engagement has proven to be the catalyst to high rates of retention, and it is very difficult to keep school related messaging and announcements in front of students. LPU has had similar struggles to most in this regard with using texting solutions that do not use the same phone number for each text as well as ineffective email communications. Students rarely check their email for school related announcements and receiving a text message from an unrecognized phone number leaves texts unread as well.

Life Pacific University needed a communication solution that was not only effective in delivering messaging to students but also increasing recruitment and retention of their students.
"The response and engagement with the students is 10 times better than email. Email still has its place, texting isn't for everything,. But especially in recruitment, when you're just trying to get connected, Zipwhip has proven to be the best method for us"
Matthew Tapp
Director or Enrollment Management


Life Pacific University is now leveraging texting as the primary and first form of communication with their existing and new prospective students. They have seen a steady rate of recruitment and have significantly increased retention year over year since adopting Zipwhip’s texting software.

Recruiting new students has become substantially simpler and more streamlined for LPU since adopting texting as the first form of communication. Texting has saved countless hours playing phone tag, long email chains and administrative time. Students have been far more responsive and eager to communicate with the recruitment team via text message. Recruitment numbers for LPU have been on par with previous years, even through the pandemic.

Retaining new students is another area that has been greatly improved with the power of text messaging. Life Pacific University has been able to significantly increase retention year over year since adopting text messaging as the primary form of communication with students. While most schools are facing significant struggles when it comes to retention, LPU has found a way to keep their students engaged and active despite a global pandemic.

Finally, leveraging existing phone numbers for departments at the university, students can now receive texts from offices and administrative staff they know and trust. LPU staff send communications about everything from event invitations to reminders for important deadlines and documents. Engagement of LPU students has substantially increased and students are far more willing to engage via text.

Zipwhip has enabled Life Pacific University to keep their students engaged, retain them year over year and maintain steady recruitment despite challenging world events.

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