Zipwhip for Lawn Care

Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor has positioned itself as a leader in the lawn care services industry with over 450 locations servicing 40 states nationwide. The company uses innovative technology like Zipwhip’s texting software to consistently exceed customer expectations. 


Chad, a current Lawn Doctor franchise owner, has been with the company since he purchased his location back in 2007. Over the past 11 years, he has worked to ensure his business remains customer-centric. Chad listens to his customers and proactively identifies solutions that enhance the customer experience.

Before Zipwhip, Chad noticed how much time his team was spending on the phone just trying to get ahold of current and prospective customers. He listened to those interactions and realized communication and convenience should go together.

“We faced challenges in communicating with our customers because people often can’t answer their phone during the day, or they just don’t like to. Getting new customers is often based on what company reaches out to the new lead the fastest, which can be difficult when playing phone tag,” said Chad.

His team tested out several other texting software solutions, but none stood out until they tried Zipwhip.

“Zipwhip has allowed us to constantly communicate with our customers in a non-invasive way. It has saved us two or three hours a day.”
Chad Norton
Franchise Owner
Lawn Doctor


Chad saw Zipwhip as an investment in both his customers and his business, enhancing the customer experience while increasing the efficiency of his teams’ day-to-day operations.

Zipwhip allows Chad and his team to communicate with busy people throughout the day on the customers’ terms. It’s easier for people to just respond to a text rather than continue to play phone tag all day.

Their team schedules all of their appointment reminders in advance rather than wasting hours-on-end calling customers. Chad’s team can also multitask while using Zipwhip – they can be on the phone with one customer while they’re texting another.

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