Zipwhip for Insurance Agencies

Tiffany Knupp, Insurance Agency

When it comes to texting, Farmers Insurance agents are Zipwhip champions. With over 600 agencies signed up, Farmers Insurance has single-handedly transformed the competitive industry to one that is more personal and easily accessible. Farmers Insurance for example aims to increase overall customer experience and satisfaction by allowing their insureds to communicate with them via their preferred method, texting. This method alone has dramatically reduced follow up times, fostered personal relationships with clients, and increased sales by 75 percent.


Prior to Zipwhip, Tiffany Knupp contacted clients by phone, email, and mailers, all of which were costly and time consuming. “Voicemails and emails would get lost in the shuffle,” Tiffany said. She needed a more convenient and efficient way to communicate with clients. As a business owner, budget is everything to Tiffany. She spends roughly $75 per month on email campaigns $125 on postage. “That’s mail people probably throw away,” she said. Zipwhip costs about one fourth of this amount and allows you to reach the same amount of people in ten minutes.
"Zipwhip is the greatest thing since sliced bread! My clients love how easy it is, my staff love using it, it's a no-brainer."
Tiffany Knupp
Tiffany Knupp Insurance Agency
Salisbury, MD


A Zipwhip user since May 2014, Tiffany tripled her sales by the end of June. “I texted this soccer mom who had Nationwide for over 30 years,” Tiffany said. “I told her to text me at anytime, I’m literally a Farmers agent at her fingertips. She immediately sent over her homeowners and auto quote, just from talking over text.” Tiffany’s clients want to text with her because it is more personal and convenient. Farmers Insurance focuses on being personable and boosting their retention rate.

Tiffany’s agency claims there is no other form of communication that receives a better response rate than texting. 99 Percent of texts they send are returned within a couple of hours, cutting back on no shows, phone tag and late payments. “If it’s easier for my clients to text me, ‘Can I make an appointment?’ or ‘When is my payment due?’ I’m going to do it,” Tiffany said. “Whatever is most convenient for my clients!”

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