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Keagan Henson, Insurance Agency

AAA Insurance Agent, Keagan Henson was in the market for a texting platform. Zipwhip caught his eye because his clients were already attempting to text his main office number, even though it wasn’t text enabled. By activating his main number to text, Keagan was not only able to receive these once missed texts, but also access the hidden capital that existed in the number everyone already called him at. AAA Insurance prides itself on putting the customer first and Keagan exemplifies this by offering texting—making customers lives easier and more convenient.


Prior to Zipwhip, Keagan struggled with obtaining required policy documents within a timely manner and never-ending follow ups.

“Getting clients to email an image or document is hard,” Keagan said. “It usually took two weeks to get documents back, but with texting it took only 24-48 hours.”

Like most insurance agencies, time management is crucial to success especially when you have current clients to please and new customers to impress. Giving clients the ability to communicate with his agency in the way they prefer has only enhanced Keagan’s reputation within the insurance community.

“It usually took two weeks to get documents back, but with texting it took only 24-48 hours.”
Keagan Henson
Keagan Henson, Insurance Agency
Yukon, OK


Keagan has been a Zipwhip user since February 2017, shortly after signing up his referral program skyrocketed.

Providing excellent customer service can sometimes be difficult when the demographic you serve comes from various backgrounds. Texting ensured communications were easy and convenient, especially for clients with language barriers.

“We found texting greatly improved our communication with clients who spoke English as a second language. Texting made everything clear so we knew how to help.”

According to Keagan, texting has made the most impact on his staff.

“I’m most encouraged by my team’s feedback, I’ve heard multiple times, ‘I’m so glad we have this, we can get things done so much faster,’ I love hearing that texting makes their job easier!”

“We love Zipwhip, and our clients love us more because of it.”

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