Business texting separates you from your competition.

Our cloud-based SMS messaging solutions allow insurance agencies and carriers to have more personalized, real-time communication with clients.


Zipwhip's business SMS messaging solution empowers you to:

Increase retention

Reduce cancellations by sending automated billing reminders via text, and increase positive client reviews with a post-service follow up using keywords.

Exchange documents

Use MMS picture messaging to receive images of required documents like exclusion forms, and deliver insurance cards straight to your clients' phone.

Resolve claims

Share updates with clients and collect critical information during the claims process, and get an immediate response with texting's 99% open rate.

Reduce E&O exposure and keep full archives

Zipwhip automatically logs and archives all client conversations. And unlike voice calls, you have immediate access to full reporting and record-keeping metrics.

Convert more prospects into policies

Convert visitors into leads by putting our click-to-text button on your website, in email signatures, on Google Adwords campaigns and within Yelp listings.

Use your existing phone number

Boost your brand and leverage your existing advertising by text enabling your current business number instead of using a new number or short codes.

Thousands of insurance agents and carriers trust Zipwhip as the #1 SMS and MMS solution.

“Zipwhip has been tremendously helpful! Five months ago our retention rate was at 88%, today it’s at 94%. The only thing that has changed from then until now is that we text.”

– Joe Clevenger, Principal of Clevenger Insurance

“My sales numbers went through the roof when I started using Zipwhip. SMS messaging is the #1 thing to do! I would email and call people 20 times within a six month timespan and no response. But when I sent an SMS message with Zipwhip, suddenly it was like ‘Oh hey! What do you need?'”

– Tiffany Knupp, Agent & Owner at Farmers Insurance

"My clients love SMS messaging. It works so well! No one answers their phone anymore. And even I text better than I email."

– Kristyn Cline, Agent & Owner at Farmers Insurance

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