Zipwhip for Non-Profits

HopeLine Crisis Line

HopeLine focuses on providing the community with a free and confidential crisis intervention and suicide prevention line. HopeLine specializes in providing caring non-judgmental active listening, gentle and supportive discussion of crisis resolution, and referrals to appropriate community resources. Since adopting texting, they are able to reach more people in need faster.


HopeLine was founded in 1970 as a crisis line, but then added the Teen TalkLine program which was an instant messaging service to target teens and young adults. While this was popular for a short time, once texting came out, instant messaging became obsolete and they received less than 10 unique messages per month. With support from the Foundation of Hope grant, they had the resources to find affordable texting options. HopeLine found a solution with Zipwhip that allowed them to use the existing crisis numbers that people were already calling for texting as well.

“It’s hard for people to verbalize what they are going through. It’s easier for many to express their thoughts and feelings over text.”
Lauren Foster
Executive Director


Recently, HopeLine activated Zipwhip texting on their local and toll-free numbers. They found that – with no promotion – people were already texting them. For their offcial launch on April 1, 2017, they simply updated their website to “call or text”. The hotline has found that they are being contacted by folks who had never called before – people needed help, but didn’t feel comfortable talking on the phone.

“We are getting great information and reaching a population which wouldn’t have otherwise called us,” Executive Director Lauren Foster said. “We are receiving more urgent texts and we are able to deescalate them faster, which results in fewer calls to EMS.”

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