Zipwhip for Mortgage

Guild Mortgage

Michelle Castle’s Guild Mortgage team operates top-producing branches in Sherman and McKinney, TX. They process 20 to 30 loans a month and are on pace for over 300 loans closed this year. The team is eyeing entering the 2018 Guild Mortgage Chairman’s Club. Managing personalized interactions with so many borrowers requires effective communication via email, phone calls and texting. With Zipwhip, they manage a high-touch and high-tech SMS strategy to communicate with borrowers on the channel they prefer.


Before Zipwhip, communication depended on the branch manager and each member of the team using a variety of outreach tools including company or personal cell phones, voicemails and emails. Unanswered messages made it difficult to maintain relationships with a group of 65 top-referring agents.

“You may not be able to reach someone any other way than via text during the day when they are working and busy with the day to day. Texting is not invasive!”
Dylan Castle
Transaction Coordinator


To reach a high volume of borrowers and maintain quality service, the team started using Zipwhip in May 2018.

It has become a crucial tool for Dylan Castle, a Transaction Coordinator and Michelle’s son. Dylan handles those critical first interactions with the consumer and administrative tasks of the team.

On a daily basis, Dylan sends out hundreds of texts to prospective borrowers and applicants in all phases of the lending cycle.

Each new lead receives a welcome text to schedule a call to discuss their home ownership goals. If Dylan’s team hasn’t gotten in contact with an interested borrower after an initial application, the next steps are a series of six text message outreaches over the following week and a half.

In addition to maintaining constant communication with borrowers, Group Messaging is used to build relationships with local agents. With a few clicks, the team can easily reach out to a large group before a weekend of open houses, and make sure they stay top of mind.

Maintaining communication with realtors has proven a valuable strategy for referrals. Agents know that when the Castle team contacts a lead, the process is consistent: email introduction to the borrower, followed by text to schedule a call and then the initial phone call. The borrower knows what to expect and their preferred channel of communication can be determined. The agent knows that the buyer is receiving the same personal interaction that they expect themselves.

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