Zipwhip for Education

Global Educators

Global Educators is an association of education abroad and purposeful travel organizations that work collaboratively to create the best possible experience for their participants. They use Zipwhip’s two-way business texting for their study abroad programs: Barcelona SAE, CISabroad and World Internships. They use the Zapier integration to build campaigns around texting and automate messages to prospective students.


University departments are becoming much savvier with email security, and although Global Educators implemented physical sign-up sheets for newsletter opt-in they experienced a high bounce rate and were at risk of punishment if they continued to email students.

In addition, they saw an alarming downward trend in activity and success rates in phone calls, average talk time and pickups. The company was failing to communicate successfully through the phone the way they had in the past. Their tools hadn’t changed, but the medium through which their market wanted to communicate had.

Global Educators tested short code blasts and saw a good rate of response, but the communication often ended after 24 hours because short codes are not attached to a business’ regular phone number and it was difficult to continue conversations over a long sales cycle due to the medium not easily storing conversations.

A new director of marketing saw this communication gap, and urged the organization to look into a true business texting tool.

“In our first two months using Zipwhip, we sent 800 messages and received 500 responses. A 63% response rate is a stark contrast from our dwindling success rates with phone calls and emails. Zipwhip software not only makes it easy for us to receive replies, but also provides tools like after hours Auto Replies to take the pressure off us when students are expecting instant responses.”
Angelo Pisano
Assistant Director, Global Advertising


As soon as they adopted Zipwhip two-way texting, Global Educators began receiving text messages from students. One such student is now in the process of paying for her application.

CISabroad and Barcelona SAE both have external sales teams that travel to college campuses and attend events to get new sign-ups. Both have seen a significant uptick in traffic since implementing texting, and have found that many students prefer texts to other forms of communication. Using Zipwhip’s Zapier integration, CISabroad and Barcelona SAE have been able to build out scheduled campaigns to automate their initial outreaches on a schedule.

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