Zipwhip for Sales

F45 Training

Overall, Zipwhip has made it much easier to communicate with F45’s members. With more time to focus on the important aspects of customer service, the team has seen an increase in sales and engagement.


The system F45 Training used prior to Zipwhip was expensive and not as effcient. The team was stuck playing phone tag and struggled to communicate effectively with members and prospective members. Texting from their personal cell phones, it was diffcult to track and keep record of conversations.

“We are very impressed with Zipwhip. I can honestly say you guys have a great product that is much better for F45 Training and much more cost effective.”
Joseph Wade
General Manager
F45 Training - Mount Pleasant, SC


The F45 Training team rarely makes phone calls anymore because they can just text clients using Zipwhip on a laptop or the mobile application.

After using Zipwhip for almost three months, F45 Training’s monthly sales grew from $13,000 to $20,000. Zipwhip saved them time and money so they were able to spend more time focusing on customer service, connecting with members, marketing and upkeep of the studio.

The F45 team received speedy customer service from the Zipwhip team, allowing them to get the answers they needed quickly. Zipwhip helped them with setup, troubleshooting and consistently checks-in on how the F45 team is operating. The quality customer service they received allowed them to provide quality customer service to their members in turn.

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