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Exclusive Sedan is a limousine service and longtime customer of Livery Coach, a software solution for transportation providers that offers automated alerts and notifications via text. When Exclusive Sedan came across Zipwhip four years ago, they immediately recognized the value of sending and receiving text messages using their existing branded business phone number, as well as being able to respond to these messages. They quickly became a customer, and soon after, encouraged Livery Coach to integrate their solution with Zipwhip. 

As a result, customers of Livery Coach and Zipwhip can send automated as well as conversational text messages from their business phone number and respond to both.



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Livery Coach


Exclusive Sedan was using Livery Coach, a dispatching, scheduling and transportation software to communicate with chauffeurs and riders. They used automated texts to send riders their chauffeur’s name and phone number prior to their ride and to send appointment reminders. This worked well for a while, but the system was missing something.

Over time, Exclusive Sedan recognized the need for three things:

  1. They wanted their text messages to come from an existing branded business phone number that customers were familiar with rather than a random number that could be perceived as spam.
  2. They wanted clients to be able to text them at their existing business phone number. Their existing solution didn’t allow for inbound text messages, so they were missing responses such as “I’ll be 15 minutes late.”
  3. They needed a better way to gather customer feedback in a timely manner. They would email post-ride surveys with the client’s invoice, but oftentimes the person receiving the invoice wasn’t the person who received the service. Even if a customer did take the time to provide feedback, it would often be sent too late to appropriately address any timely issues.

Exclusive Sedan realized the solution to all three of these issues was to enable their business phone number for two-way texting. They began researching solutions and discovered Zipwhip. They liked that Zipwhip text-enabled existing numbers and provided a simple and efficient web application to manage these conversations. They shared this discovery with Livery Coach and encouraged them to integrate their software with Zipwhip using Zipwhip’s SMS API.

“Integrating with Zipwhip was straightforward and easy. The integration future proofs our product and reinforces Livery Coach’s position as always having the latest tools for our customers.”
David Hirsch
President, Livery Coach


As soon as Exclusive Sedan text-enabled their business phone number for two-way messages, they immediately saw the number of texts they’d been missing. More importantly, they saw how many opportunities they’d missed to respond to customers’ questions, concerns and feedback.

They love the ability to text over their existing business phone number for both automated programmatic messages (such as schedule pick-up reminders) as well as one-to-one conversations. They can still send appointment reminders and respond automatically to inquiries, but now they can also respond to feedback in real-time, answer questions immediately and overall provide a stronger customer experience. Clients have a much easier time remembering just one business phone number for both texting and calling.

Using texting internally was an unexpected benefit of Zipwhip’s software that has significantly improved the efficiency of their communication. They can create tiered groups of contractors within Zipwhip’s software and send a mass text to all drivers about open jobs. If nobody responds in the first tier, they contact the next tier and so forth. 

“Zipwhip’s been great,” said Wes Travis, Exclusive Sedan COO.  “When we started using it, some of our dispatchers were afraid of having one more system to monitor. Now, they’re highly dependent on it.  We’ve definitely come to rely on the product.”

Ultimately, the efficiencies created by Zipwhip have made a significant impact on Exclusive Sedan’s bottom line.  They’ve been able to handle significant business growth without hiring an additional employee  – a savings of over $40,000 per year.

For Livery Coach, the integration with Zipwhip has added value to their product for customers who want to send and receive text messages from their existing business phone number. 

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