Exceptional brand experience

Build lasting relationships using the channel your customers prefer and the phone number they already know.

Consumer-first innovation

We invented "text or call" because customers prefer it, and now brands like Nestle, Gerber, and Verizon support "text or call" too.

Data security

All Tier 1 wireless operators trust us to manage network-level connectivity for high-volume commercial traffic.

Business Texting App

Texting just simply works

Use your existing business landline, VoIP, or toll free number

Painless same day activation, no hardware required

Texting is preloaded on 100% of consumer smartphones

How do you text a landline?

How landline texting works

Step 1

A consumer sends a text from their mobile phone to your existing business phone number.

Step 2

Inside the wireless carrier's network, the message is passed securely to Zipwhip's gateway.

Step 3

Zipwhip's SaaS platform displays the message on any device you choose, and you can reply.

81 %

81% of consumers are frustrated being tied to a call or computer for customer service.


64% of consumers would prefer to use texting over voice as a customer service channel.


77% of consumers are likely to have a better perception of a company that offers texting.

Texting solutions built to scale

Zipwhip provides a unified platform for you to manage all conversations across multiple departments and locations.

Individual user roles

Give team members customized access to your account based on their functional role and what they manage.

Collaboration tools

Real-time activity updates that show when a team member has viewed or is replying to a message.


Manage multiple locations easily with at-a-glance status and navigation dashboard.

Throttle rate

Increase high-traffic performance and ensure delivery of texts.


Track message volumes and performance in the Zipwhip dashboard or enhanced data integrations.

User audit trail

See who took what action on a text so all members know who replied or marked a message as read.