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Anna Theriault, Owner of Dream Dinner Encinitas, faced three main challenges: inefficiency with phone calls and emails, getting timely responses from customers and providing a simple customer experience.

Since adopting Zipwhip, Anna and her team have been able to nearly eliminate missed dinner pick-ups, improve the speed of customer communication, all while making the process simpler for both employees and customers.



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Dream Dinners supplies simple prepped dinners for families every day and has a particular need for rapid communication with their customers. If customers don’t respond quickly, their food is prepared without someone to pick up.

Getting customers to respond to communications is is a challenge for today’s businesses especially when email and phone calls are going unreturned at higher rates than ever. A key difficulty that Dream Dinners faced was playing phone tag with customers and going days without email responses. Time-sensitive communications such as pick up reminders, schedule changes or after-hours customer requests need to be responded to quickly. On average, Dream Dinners had a 20% missed pick-up rate every day, despite reaching out to customers via phone and email, often multiple times. These customers often reached out about their meals after hours, which led to employees starting the day with 15 or more voicemails.

The need to transcribe these messages and then return the phone calls to customers, who didn’t answer most of the time, was tedious and time consuming.

To enhance the customer experience and improve response rates outside of working hours, Dream Dinners added a cell phone number for customers to call after hours. While a fantastic customer-centric idea, it caused further communication confusion and more work for the employees and owner as there were two phone lines to manage and customers now had two numbers they could call.

"Honestly, if I were to tell my employees who do sales and pickups that we couldn't have Zipwhip anymore, they would be up in arms. They would say, ‘No we're not going back to the old way.’”
Anna Theriault
Owner, Dream Dinners Encinitas


Dream Dinners Encita is now leveraging Zipwhip’s texting software as the primary form of communication with their customers. It has enhanced the customer experience and has allowed the business to keep improving, as texting has given them a way to collect real-time customer feedback.

After implementing Zipwhip and advertising the ability to “call or text” to their customers, Dream Dinners has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of missed pick-ups. While almost 20% of customers would not pick up their meals through traditional means of communication, Anna said since adopting texting, “We almost never have people miss pickups, and if they are going to miss, we know ahead of time.” Simple text reminders ensure all customers get their meals every time. It not only saves the business time and moneyI, but customers are appreciative of the reminder texts and check-ins.

Utilizing the Keywords feature of Zipwhip, Dream Dinners can facilitate fundraisers with local schools. Working with Lacoste Elementary, Dream Dinners set up the keyword “Lacoste” and encouraged customers to sign up to participate in the fundraisers. Taking this idea further, Dream Dinners added a fun auto-reply to their keyword that said, “Hi, we are so glad that you’re interested in the fundraiser with Dream Dinners. Here is the link to sign up (insert link). If you have questions just text us back, looking forward to seeing you!” This both encouraged customers to sign up, and encouraged them to text the business.

From an efficiency standpoint, Zipwhip has given the team at Dream Dinners Encita a tool that can be managed by everyone at the store to simplify customer outreach. By enabling all employees to respond to customer texts in real time, they have removed the burden and cost of having a full-time employee specifically for communications. The team at Dream Dinners has made texting an integral part of their day-to-day communication with their customers and has removed the constant burden of phone tag and voicemail transcription.

Not only has texting improved the quantity of communication between customers and Dream Dinners, but it has also improved the quality of communication as well. Anna and her team have been able to help customers with recipe questionsafter hours with simple text-based instructions that made customers’ meals a success. The team has received direct feedback about the quality of the food and customers regularly thank them for their service that would not have been received through traditional means like calls or email.

Zipwhip has enabled Dream Dinners to build a more efficient customer communication workflow, improve customer satisfaction and nearly eliminate missed customer pick-ups.

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