Zipwhip for Veterinarians

Blue Sky Animal Clinic

Blue Sky Animal Clinic is a full-service veterinary medical facility, located in Loveland, CO. The professional and courteous staff at Blue Sky Animal Clinic seek to provide the best possible medical, surgical, and dental care for their highly valued patients.


Chrystal Bell is the Practice Manager at Blue Sky Animal Clinic. Before adopting Zipwhip, her offce phone lines got tied up during busy parts of the day, and patients who needed veterinary care would end up waiting on hold.

She wanted another channel of communication with her clients, but was dissatisfied with other messaging services she had tried previously. “Other platforms make it so you have to go into their software and then text from there,” Chrystal said. “So in order to read their texts you have to remember to constantly check your email for new messages.”

Chrystal wanted a texting service that allowed her staff to receive notifications directly on their computers without having to check a browser for new messages. She also wanted to be able to call and text from the same number her patients knew: “I was trying to figure out a way for clients to text us and then you called,” Chrystal said.

“With Zipwhip, clients can text us on the same number they call us on!”
Chrystal Bell
Practice Manager


After implementing Zipwhip, Chrystal found that the texting service was intuitive for her staff to use. “Zipwhip makes it much easier to send and receive texts,” Chrystal said. “You can one-click text, and messages pop up on the desktop screen.”

Studies have shown that text message reminders can increase appointment attendance by as much as 50%, which Crystal affrms. Blue Sky has noticed a drop in no show appointments and last minute cancellations since offering texting.

Zipwhip freed up phone lines and decreased hold times for Chrystal’s customers. With the ability to receive picture messages to their clinic phone number, doctors are able to determine if pet injuries require immediate urgent care.

Clients like texting because it offers them another way to get in touch, and they can rest easy knowing their pet will receive immediate attention if needed.

“With Zipwhip, clients can text on the same number they call us on,” Chrystal said. “It’s as easy as texting from your cell phone.”

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