Zipwhip for PET CARE

Biscuits & Bath

After adopting Zipwhip two-way business texting, Biscuits & Bath saw a dramatic increase in client communication and satisfaction.

Biscuits & Bath is a total wellness destination for dogs, with over 14 locations across Manhattan. Every location strives to positively impact each dog’s quality of life through exercise, socialization, behavior training, nutrition, grooming and health care.



Julie Kaminski is currently a Location Leader at the Park Ave Biscuits & Bath. Prior to utilizing Zipwhip, she and her staff experienced endless phone tag with pet owners, causing frustration for all parties involved. She needed another channel of communication that would eliminate pesky phone calls and allow her to reach her clients more effectively.

“We were spending a lot of time reaching out to clients for a variety of reasons, such as letting them know their dog is ready for pick up or that the dog’s vaccine record needs to be updated,” Julie said. “People are likely to ignore phone calls and emails and never respond, so it was hard to know if our communication was received.”

Julie also wanted to monitor communication between her staff and clients, especially when she wasn’t around. “Previously, we would leave notes on the client’s profile if we had spoken to them, however there was no way to track what was actually said in the conversations,” she said. In addition, Julie wanted a way to contact her staff internally without having to give out her personal cell phone number.

"Zipwhip allows us to connect with pet owners in a way that feels more personal. We can even send them pictures of their pets, which is my favorite feature."
Julie Kaminski
Location Leader, Park Ave. Biscuits & Bath


After adopting Zipwhip, Julie found that the communication with pet owners significantly improved. Text enabling Biscuit & Bath’s existing phone number also allows Julie to track her staff’s conversations with clients. Giving the staff the ability to text from their desktop computers has eliminated the annoying game of phone tag, making them more efficient and saving clients time too. This gives Julie’s team more time in the day to focus on the care and attention of the dogs, which is truly what Biscuits & Bath is all about.

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