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Big Brothers Big Sisters
Lone Star

Big Brothers Big Sisters – Lone Star, located in Texas, faced three main challenges: simplifying custom communications for multiple departments, reducing time spent sending communications and improving communications between volunteers and donors.

Since signing up for Zipwhip’s texting platform, BBBS Lone Star has been able to decrease time spent on outbound communications by simplifying their outreach and improve communications with both volunteers and donors.



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Communication with volunteers, references, donors and board members is often a complicated web of emails and phone calls. And  communications must be manually logged for compliance purposes as well. BBBS Lone Star had challenges getting responses to questions regarding volunteer applications, references, getting donations over the phone and communicating timely information.

In addition to a need for simpler communication, getting in contact with volunteers, references, donors, and board members was difficult and time consuming. Using primarily email and phone calls, BBBS Lone Star spent several days per week with multiple staff members working to reach people inside and outside the organization. For new volunteers, the organization reviews provided references to ensure that the volunteer is a good candidate for BBBS. For every volunteer, at least three references are contacted and asked a series of questions. With new volunteers joining constantly, this became a time-consuming task.


Lastly, BBBS needed a quick and easy way to inspire new and existing donors to give funds or volunteer their time. They had a difficult time getting timely responses back from donors using phone call and email outreach.

"Zipwhip is very user-friendly. It didn't take a lot of onboarding or training, which is important to our staff because they don't have time to be trained on something that's going to take multiple hours”
Carlee Morgan
Director of Volunteer Recruitment


BBBS Lone Star now uses texting as their primary form of communication with new and existing  volunteers. As a result, they have seen a 33% improvement in time spent sending emails and making phone calls for reference follow-ups.

As a non-profit organization, funding for technology and communication tools is often scarce and tools purchased need to be usable across the organization. BBBS implemented Zipwhip texting into their daily communication and used existing branded phone numbers to increase the speed of communication across the Lone Star location.

Getting in contact with volunteers, references, donors and board members during the workday has been substantially easier since equipping their staff with texting. Texting is a less intrusive way to send important communications to everyone involved with BBBS Lone Star. They no longer have to pause their day to answer a phone call or find and respond to an email that’s buried in a crowded inbox. Additionally, using Zipwhip’s integration with Zapier and Salesforce, removes the time consuming burden of manually logging communications. 

Finally, starting quickly with Zipwhip allowed BBBS to eliminate more than eight hours a week of time spent sending emails and making phone calls through their recruitment department. Using Zipwhip’s Group Messaging, they can reach up to 100 references at a time with personalized texts. This has made reaching out for new volunteer references much easier.

Leveraging Dynamic Fields and large group messages, BBBS  sends personalized messages for their new volunteers every day.

Zipwhip has enabled Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star to simplify their communications, increase productivity and help drive new participation with volunteers and donors.

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