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Prior to Zipwhip, Barre3 didn’t have a sufficient way to confirm class attendance with clients in order to maximize capacity, resulting in long wait lists and less than full classes.  By utilizing Zipwhip’s integration for MINDBODY, staff can now communicate conversationally via text with clients to optimize waitlist openings, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and studio revenue. For multi-location fitness studios, Zipwhip for MINDBODY is must-have solution to improve, streamline and personalize client communications.



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Barre3’s classes were in high demand with long wait lists, but classes were only partially full because clients weren’t being notified of open spots in time.  If a client dropped a class overnight, the next person on the waitlist wouldn’t see the notification and instructors would then show up at their shift the next day to find their class not at capacity. As a result, both staff and clients were frustrated and the studio was missing out on potential revenue.

In order to fill classes to capacity and confirm attendance, the staff needed a better way to professionally contact clients on the spot. They needed a waitlist notification system that allowed clients to text back with questions, scheduling changes, late arrival notifications, etc. rather than a simple “Yes” or “No.”

“We pride ourselves on our client connection. In the age where a lot of communications happen via text messages, Zipwhip has really helped.”
Jordan Modine
Director of Portland Operations, Barre3


In the nine months since Barre3 started using Zipwhip, almost all of their classes have been full with a 30 percent wait list.  Studio staff members are able to move though waitlists faster and get more bodies into classes they would have otherwise missed. 

Overall, the introduction of texting has been well received by Barre3’s clients. Barre3 promotes the option to text or call on all emails and voice mail messages, providing clients with alternative routes to get in touch if they can’t get ahold of a staff member immediately. This closes the communication gap and assures the team never misses a call or email from a client. Plus, they’ve found the majority of new users prefer texting rather than calling. 

As for Barre3 staff, Zipwhip, texting was quickly embraced. Staff members clock in and immediately check Zipwhip when they get to the studio. It’s fully integrated into their daily routine. Studio managers can also log in at home and respond to texts after hours. This is helpful since studio office hours tend to be fairly fluid. 

Finally, the team appreciates the ability to get feedback directly from clients via text. Since all messages are archived, they always have a record of any complaints or issues from clients.

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