Zipwhip for Radio Stations

88.7 WKNZ The Bridge

While the non-profit Christian radio station, 88.7 WKNZ The Bridge, was exploring various texting tools, a radio consultant showed them Zipwhip. They immediately saw the value of using their branded studio line number because it was so easy for listeners to text the same number they already called.


The Bridge was exploring “Text to Give” options for many years, but just never found the right fit. Short code options only offered fixed donation options and offered limited functionality. They lacked the sophistication and flexibility the Bridge’s team sought, and it was confusing for listeners to text and call two different numbers.

“We love the value that you can deliver to sponsors is tangible which is so difficult for radio. We tremendously increased listener engagement – receiving so much feedback and interaction via text. We drove far more contest entries and RSVPs once people could just easily text in to the station.”
Andrew Jackson
Director of Marketing, The Bridge


1. Listener engagement

Allowing listeners to text in instant feedback, interact with hosts live and have a personal one-on-one touch created a strong bond between the audience and station.

Not only do listeners love texting, but the on-air talent also enjoys the instant interactions they can have. The station’s mobile app encourages people to text hosts regardless of whether or not they’re in the studio. Zipwhip’s features like archives, keywords, and auto-replies make it easy to track all of this incoming communication.

2. Text “GIVE” to donate

The Bridge text-enabled their phone line to encourage donations though a “Text to Give” campaign. Listeners could text in donations using keywords and receive an immediate response from Zipwhip’s keyword-triggered auto-reply feature.

Donors would immediately receive a text message response with the link to The Bridge’s mobile-optimized donation page. The station could then customize the landing page to offer listeners options for single donations or monthly gifts.

In just a short three-day span, WKNZ received an astounding $11,000 in text donations.

3. RSVPs and contests

The station ran contests and encouraged RSVPs to events with texting as well. Starting with small contests, the station trained listeners on how to text in. They ran giveaways for movie tickets and other items to ramp up for their spring fundraiser.

The station can now prove their success much better to potential sponsors and report stronger metrics on various campaigns.

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