The most trusted business texting platform on the planet

Carriers count on Zipwhip’s technology, policies and world-class team of messaging experts to provide the most reliable and scalable A2P channel available.

Over 40 North American mobile operators depend on Zipwhip for A2P message routing

  • Connectivity
  • Deliverability
  • Traffic Management

The only directly connected toll-free global A2P network

Zipwhip created the two-way texting toll-free channel. Our team has two decades of messaging expertise in the field of business messaging.

High volume

Zero-hop direct carrier connections mean the speed we deliver messages to a carrier’s network is never diluted. Our platform is capable of processing thousands of messages per second. More importantly, we deliver messages to a carrier’s network at an exceedingly high velocity without volumetric filtering.


Predictable message delivery is the cornerstone of any business messaging channel. Direct connectivity means the fewest points of failure with the most network transparency. Knowing messages will reach your customers, you can invest in the carrier messaging channel with the confidence your engagement strategy will be successful.

Performance & scalability

Zipwhip processes several billion messages monthly. Continuous engagement with carriers ensures the performance and scalability of networks. We monitor carrier network capacity in real-time and proactively work with carrier network engineers to address potential reliability concerns before they become an issue.

Toll-free global A2P network

Our platform provides unmatched global A2P reach over a single number and is the backbone for high-volume, commercial SMS with unmatched delivery.

Message reliability

Knowing whether a message was successfully delivered to the carrier network is not enough. Brands need to know their message was delivered to their consumer’s handset. Our direct connectivity to the carrier networks provides accurate handset delivery confirmations, allowing brands to measure true performance.

Message velocity

Messaging is about instant engagement. Delays cause service failures and confusion. Our direct connectivity means speed is not limited on an individual toll-free number basis. Brands no longer need to rely on leveraging hundreds or thousands of telephone numbers to send high volume, time-sensitive messaging. Our platform intelligently processes time-sensitive messages to ensure optimal throughput performance. 

Message integrity

Protecting carrier networks from SPAM and fraud is going to result in some legitimate messages getting caught in network filters. Once messages are blocked, carrier networks cannot delineate between legitimate and unwanted messages. Zipwhip identifies and mitigates messages caught in SPAM filters and adjusts message controls to ensure messages are delivered successfully in the future.

Protecting carrier networks

SPAM & Fraud represent significant risks to messaging. Zipwhip has developed a robust set of technologies, policies and messaging experts to deliver the most trusted and scalable A2P channel that reduces carrier pain points and escalations while ensuring maximum protection against messaging threats.

Real-time monitoring of every message

Monitoring every message in real-time before it’s sent to the carrier network is the nucleus of Zipwhip’s traffic management engine. Inspecting every message allows Zipwhip to verify sender attributes and track changes over time, identify dangerous SPAM, phishing and prohibited content, and detect disallowed sending practices and opt-out avoidance tactics. Live curation of every message delivers unmatched effectiveness in the elimination of unwanted messages from the A2P channel.

Low-friction, secure, scalable onboarding

A low friction, secure and scalable approach to onboarding is necessary to support the volume of text-enabled numbers in use today, as well as the frequency of number de-provisioning and porting. Zipwhip’s proven in-market onboarding solution supports over 100,000 businesses and millions of telephone numbers today.

We use a combination of pre-sending APIs and post-sending restrictive-state message vetting tools to capture and verify sender attributes. We instantly identify when numbers are activated and de-activated. This ensures message routes are not disrupted when a brand moves a number from one aggregator to another. It also identifies when a number is recycled and used by a new business with a new use case.

Oversight registry

Trust the message content, not the sender

Numbers get repurposed and resold regularly. Gaining access to carrier networks through secondary channels with little or no oversight is commonplace. Relying on a snapshot of data to determine the level of access or network risk associated with message content is not enough.

The Zipwhip Oversight Registry provides our carrier partners a single source, online web portal to access an array of data on every number that is sending messages through the Zipwhip gateway. Continuous verification of sender attributes over time ensures the message content being sent reflects registry data, providing comfort to carriers and their regulatory teams that message senders can be easily identified when needed. It is an invaluable tool investigating threats & compliments existing carrier NOC tools.

Class of service management

Zipwhip manages A2P class of service on our local network and effectively gates how much access a message sender can gain to a carrier’s network. Coupled with secure onboarding, Zipwhip’s Advanced Trust, Risk & Reputation Scoring allows for behavioral profiling of the message sender and the categorization of content. Multiple Content Control Filters and Human Intervention Analysis allows Zipwhip to monitor and analyze changes to sender attributes and scoring over time.

24/7 pro-active monitoring of messaging activity

SPAM and fraud don’t take vacations, and neither do we.

Our team reviews message activity and reports daily including after-hours, weekends and holidays when most threats tend to manifest. We investigate system triggers and hunt for unusual sending practices. This pro-active, continuous approach of human monitoring helps Zipwhip identify problematic traffic even before SPAM filters catch/quarantine messages for secondary investigation.

Consumers in complete control

As the trusted inter-carrier vendor of A2P toll-free messaging, Zipwhip operates a universal opt-out function at our network layer that ensures mobile subscribers do not receive unwanted messages.

Great for business. Great for carriers.

Zipwhip is the only texting provider that all Tier 1 and 2 wireless operators trust to manage their network-level connectivity for high-volume commercial traffic. Zipwhip controls the network capacity, speed, security and safeguards, and is SOC 2 Type 3 compliant for security, the industry standard for SaaS providers.