Zipwhip is configurable to support your compliance strategies

Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

Securities and Exchange Commission

Federal Trade Commission

The most secure way for businesses to text

Zipwhip adds texting to your existing business phone number, so text conversations stay within company systems. We connect directly to Tier 1 and Tier 2 wireless carrier networks, so texts are sent and stored securely with industry-leading anti-spam safeguards.

Security and Compliance Features

Data encryption in transit and at rest

Integration into industry leading enterprise archive systems

Support for e-discovery

Platform-level opt-out support with STOP keyword

Carrier-integrated spam and phishing monitoring

Zipwhip's Business Texting Solution

Administrator Oversight

Supervisor dashboards and access controls provide internal governance capabilities.

Message Integrity

Unmatched message integrity for high-volume and enterprise text messaging applications.

Control and Continuity

Customer conversation histories transfer seamlessly and securely when employees turn over.

Integrated Archive

Messages are automatically archived, and can be configured and exported to external archive platforms.

TCPA Compliance

Support for consumer-driven consent with STOP keyword at the platform level and phishing monitoring.

Message Security

Zipwhip protects sensitive and proprietary text messages while in transit and once in the archive.

TCPA eBook

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Security White Paper

Download Zipwhip's product security brief
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