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“I really feel like I’m cultivating a career here. I come to work every day excited for what’s next. I’ve never worked anywhere else where I felt like others were invested in my success. At Zipwhip, everyone is cheering you on, pushing you to be better and helping you learn and grow and that in itself is really empowering.”

Ashley Sims, Marketing Project Manager

Ashley Sims
Matt Slinger

“This is my first real corporate gig, and I was afraid it would cut-throat and bureaucratic. It most definitely is not. We are a motley crew of misfits, and it’s a very supportive environment where people are encouraged to be themselves.  I dig this bunch of weirdos.”

Matt Slinger, Office Manager 

“At Zipwhip, there’s no shortage of interesting work and no shortage of interesting people to do it with.”

Felicia Deng, Product Manager 

Felicia Deng
Maureen Andrew

“Leaving a stable career in specialty pharmaceutical sales to work for a ‘texting start up’ was one of the more eyebrow raising risks I have taken. It also turned out to be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding decisions I have made as a medical sales professional.

Zipwhip is a rare gem; we are dynamically improving communication for people across the country in life changing ways. As a sales professional with a soul, life doesn’t get better than that!”

Maureen Andrew, Sales Manager

“Zipwhip has been a fantastic experience for me and continues to be everything I could ask for in a workplace. Seeing the effort I put in on the codebase having tangible effect on the product is important to me as a young developer.

The satisfaction I receive knowing that I directly affect the way businesses communicate with their client base to take it further than just goods and services and into building relationships and brand loyalty is exhilarating.”

Mat Sawyer, SDET

Matthew Sawyer

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