Texting is preferred

Consumers adore texting and they want to text you. With 98% of smartphone users actively texting, it is the fastest and most direct way to let them connect with your business.

Engagement is rising

Mobile accounts for 66% of all search traffic, and Google is launching click-to-text in AdWords. Texting is the most natural form for consumers to start a conversation.

Texting is personal

Click-to-text injects your business number right next to mom and dad on consumer’s texting app. With texting, they can pick up where the previous conversation left off.

How it works

When a consumer taps a click-to-text banner or link from their phone, it opens their default messaging app and pre-populates your phone number and a message.

With Zipwhip’s software, businesses are able to reply to messages sent to their landline, VoIP, and toll free phone number. You can use click-to-text pretty much anywhere you promote your brand.

AdWords Click-to-Message Extension

Click-to-Text for AdWords

With Google AdWords click-to-message extension, consumers can seamlessly start a conversation with a brand via a single-click from a mobile search ad. A pre-canned message is then displayed in their native texting app and delivered to the business via their existing phone number. The new conversation is displayed in Zipwhip's software.

Studies show a 265% increase in engagement when you support click-to-message as the main call-to-action in AdWords. Ready to start generating more leads? Sign up for a free trial of Zipwhip and see first-hand.

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