Text your customers from any CRM or web app with Zipwhip’s powerful browser extensions

Start a new text conversation with the Zipwhip Chrome Extension

Continue a text conversation or start a new one

Create, edit and view contact details

Edit contact details right from your browser with the Zipwhip chrome extension
Auto-fill contact info and send group messages with the Zipwhip browser extension

Auto-fill contacts and send group messages

View unread messages and manage all conversations

Manage text conversations with the Zipwhip browser extension

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you already have the extension installed, it will update automatically. You don’t need to do anything additional to start taking advantage of the new functionality. 

We have step-by-step instructions outlined on our Help Center here

Other browsers are currently being considered. Stay tuned for more information.

Yes, but Zipwhip 1.0 users can still use the 1.0 extension for Chrome. The good news is, we’re continuing to migrate accounts every day and all users will be on Zipwhip 2.0 in the coming future.

Yes, as long as you’re using the Microsoft Office web app! The extension allows you to text from any web app, web-based CRM or web page in your Chrome or Firefox browser.