A Seat At The Tech Table: The Women Of Zipwhip

group photo of women of zipwhip

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we asked some of the women of Zipwhip to reflect on what it means to be a woman in tech.

What makes you excited about the future of women in tech?

“It’s pretty exciting to be a young female designer and feel like your voice is heard by leaders within your organization. Yeah, there’s still a long way to go when it comes to the tech industry’s gender imbalance, but we’re here doing our part to change that. I’m so proud of all the talented, inspiring women I get to work with every day, and grateful for a company that supports us.” – Danielle Patlak, Graphic Designer

“I’m part of a profound community of power houses. Women in tech. Women in charge. Women in the workplace. Being able to evolve within the tech industry and with an incredible company like Zipwhip has been incredibly rewarding. Being able to collaborate and cultivate relationships where everyone’s voice is heard fosters confidence and productivity. As a mom of two bright eyed baby girls, I feel empowered that as time continues to turn corners, their opportunities in the workplace of their choice will only continue to expand. Like I tell my daughters: The sky is the limit, and it’s unlimited.” – Allison Key, Sales Manager

“Being a womxn in tech often means you have to convince others you deserve a seat at the table before the meeting even begins. I’m a fiercely driven person because of this, and in spite of it. I’m at Zipwhip because I have a seat the table, and what I have to say in the meeting is heard and valued. I have a network of womxn who support and elevate each other, and who drive change at our company. Unique voices create a dynamic and agile team. Prioritizing diversity is the key to prosperity.” – Suzanne White, Curriculum Manager

What does it mean to you to be a woman in the tech industry? And how can we continue to support and empower women in tech?

“As women in a male-dominated industry, we may be tempted to model the behavior of men to find acceptance and success. But this fails to capitalize on our unique characteristics. When we employ our strengths and build strong alliances with the right people we can do anything we set our minds to. Mark yourself as a leader, seek out high-visibility projects that excite you, and get involved. Go the extra mile to ensure tasks are handled efficiently and effectively, which will highlight you as a valued asset to your team.” – Linh England, Customer Operations Analyst

“I have a saying that piggybacks onto what’s attributed to Bernard of Chartres: ‘We stand on the shoulders of giants (women) ground to dust so that we might have a solid foundation upon which to stand and in which to find our voice.’ In honor of those sacrifices: Remember to BE your best voice always.” – Deanna Locke, Compliance Program Manager

“Lift up others’ successes: There is nothing more powerful than being on a team with a concise and powerful mission. Mentor your peers: If you’re in a place in your career where you have a lot to offer as a mentor, be one! Women may be more reluctant to ask for a mentor but offering to talk someone through her professional struggles or plans for career advancement can be very impactful. Hear more voices: Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In gives women a lot of extremely practical advice on how to navigate male-dominated work environments. Improving diversity of a team—including cognitive diversity—improves your product.” – Michael Paris, Customer Success Manager

We are proud to have such strong women on our team. While Women’s History month may be ending, the topic of women in tech is still relevant and should be celebrated year round. 

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