Introducing Zipwhip TXT2PAY: A Simple Way to Request and Accept Payments by Text

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The use cases for business texting are endless – from marketing and sales to customer support, billing and even recruiting. Today, we’re thrilled to add a new one: payments! We’ve partnered with Authvia, a secure payment platform, to bring you Zipwhip TXT2PAY, a safe and hassle-free way to request and accept payments by text.

Why text payments?

Our research has shown again and again that consumers prefer to engage with businesses on their own terms, which includes making payments when and how they want. A text is an effective way to request a payment because it won’t disrupt your customer’s day, but it’s high priority enough that your customer won’t miss it. With TXT2PAY, businesses can improve customer satisfaction, while decreasing overall transaction time. That means increased cash flow.

How TXT2PAY works

TXT2PAY allows you to send and receive payments from any mobile or desktop device without the need for a virtual terminal or point of sale system.

Once you’ve signed up for TXT2PAY, you’ll see a new payment Template in your account. When you’re ready to request a payment, simply select the payment template, enter the amount you want to request and text it to your customer.

Your customer will be asked to input their payment information through a secure link provided by Authvia, eliminating any security concerns in sharing personally identifiable information with you directly, and therefore removing you from PCI compliance responsibilities. Customers can store multiple debit and credit cards, as well as bank account details, within their Authvia Wallet.

Once payment information is added, your customer can make payments by simply replying to a payment request text with the last four digits of their phone number. Text confirmation is sent to both parties with full receipt details as soon as the transaction is complete. It’s as easy as that!

Some common use cases for text payment

Provide a contactless payment option

During the coronavirus pandemic, contactless payment is more important than ever. Even a contactless debit or credit card requires you to stand near a human as you complete your transaction. With TXT2PAY, you can avoid in-person transactions altogether and handle payments by text message. If you are face-to-face with a customer, TXT2PAY helps you avoid trading cards or currency to reduce risk.

Minimize missed and late payments

TXT2PAY reduces the likelihood of delinquent payments due to outdated billing information and deliverability. If a customer’s card is canceled or expires, they can quickly update it in Authvia. And with a 98% open rate, you can almost guarantee your customer will see your payment request. No more worrying about customers missing your calls or losing bills in their mail and email inboxes.

Reduce the cost of doing business

Leverage the power of text payments in your day-to-day accounts receivable workflow. This will allow you to enable more paperless billing and spend less time reaching out to customers. TXT2PAY creates a faster way for your customers to complete requested payments without the need for an email or phone call. That means more time for your team to focus on other things.

Want to learn more about payments by text? Check out our TXT2PAY integration page. If you haven’t text enabled your business line yet, head over to our pricing page to pick out a plan and try Zipwhip for free.

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