How to Maximize the Value of Zipwhip With Texting Integrations

One way to get the most out of the software programs your company currently relies on is by using texting integration software. Open communication between a business and its customers or clients leads to stronger relationships where questions are answered faster and issues are resolved sooner, so businesses can carry on running smoothly.

Texting helps facilitate that by offering a fast, convenient and secure way to communicate and share important information–all built on a robust SMS customer service platform.

Advantages of integrating Zipwhip with existing software tools

Zipwhip’s texting integration software allows you to send, receive and oftentimes store text messages within the programs your employees already use. If you’re concerned that they already have too many tools to manage, an integration is an ideal way to bridge the technologies. Your business gains a new productivity tool that can be used without employees leaving the program they’re already logged into and using throughout the day.

Having to exit and enter various software apps numerous times a day can be time consuming. A business texting integration allows you to send and receive texts from your primary software tool, while also including benefits and features to keep your team’s momentum going strong.

The most common features and benefits of Zipwhip’s texting integrations

Message sync
All texts sent to and from a customer are synced and automatically stored in the text history of the customer’s profile. Valuable information and conversations are saved for future viewing and reference.

Conversation archive
Archiving of conversations (storing within a data warehouse) is made possible for industries where maintaining a repository of customer communications is desired.

Contact synchronization
Contact management is simplified by automatically syncing your contact lists between the texting platform and your software. Archived conversations and auto-sync text conversations are stored together for easier visibility.

Customer support
Texting integration software saves time and money verses voice-only systems by providing customers, clients and other contacts with an easier, offline way to contact you about any issues they encounter.

Cost savings
Using a text integration tool is the most direct and economical way for a company to add texting to their customer communications. Why build a texting program from the ground up when all the work has already been done for you, and at a price much lower than creating one from scratch?

Group messaging
Send BCC messages to groups of up to 100 contacts to streamline your communications. Pair group messages with our Dynamic Fields feature to create messaging that feels personalized by including first names and other specific details for each person you text.

(Group messaging texting feature)

Texting integration software for every type of business

Most companies rely on industry-specific software that’s been tailored to address the unique needs of their day-to-day business operations. To support that framework, Zipwhip texting integrations have been designed to work with a growing number of software applications.

Whether your primary business software focuses on communications, productivity, sales engagement, applicant tracking, CRM or another area of commerce, the great thing about a business texting integration is that it can fit the needs of any size or any type of company.

Zipwhip integrates with the biggest of the big players such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well as a multitude of other systems. Below, we’ve highlighted four texting integrations for the insurance, staffing, fitness and marketing industries. But, first, let’s look at a more general integration that can be used for a wide range of businesses. As with each of these integrations, none relies on developer resources within your company.



Zapier (general)

This is one robust texting integration. Zapier is an online tool that connects with over 750 applications. Sync your favorite tools with SMS, from Helpscout to Quickbooks and beyond. With just a few clicks, Zipwhip for Zapier enables you to create workflows, track customer activities and achieve conversations, all from your CRM. Zapier uses triggers and actions to determine how text messages integrate with other apps. For example, when a text is received to your business phone number, an action can forward the message to a contact record in your CRM or help desk.

Learn more about Zapier >





Guidewire (insurance claims)

With texting integration software, agents reduce claim-processing time and improve communication with customers by texting straight from the Guidewire ClaimCenter™ app. The seamless integration between Zipwhip and ClaimCenter allows adjusters to manage and archive text conversations, auto-sync contacts and improve customer communication throughout the claims lifecycle.

Claims adjusters can securely exchange images and other relevant information with customers from their personal mobile devices, and all incoming texts to the adjuster will be instantly recognizable with the customer’s name and the claim number, giving the adjuster the necessary context of the conversation.

Automated texting capabilities like scheduled messages, office-hours responses and keyword triggers make it easy for adjusters to send regular updates as a claim processes. And because Zipwhip texting is fully integrated with ClaimCenter, customer information is automatically synchronized between the two platforms and all inbound and outbound texts are saved in the respective ClaimCenter account.

Learn more about Guidewire >


tempworks logo



TempWorks (Staffing)

How you communicate and how quickly you do it determines the quality of candidates you attract. Thousands of staffing agencies use Zipwhip’s two-way business texting service to reach the right people at the right time. Syncing these valuable conversations in your applicant tracking system (ATS) can provide companies with insights early in the process.

Zipwhip’s TempWorks texting integration helps share text message conversations organization-wide to collaborate smarter and fill positions faster. Decrease your cost-per-hire: reduce pre-qualification process time and operational costs while increasing recruiter productivity.

This texting integration allows recruiters to text with candidates and employers directly from their ATS using an existing business phone number. The integration makes it easy to send a text to one individual or many and sync conversations into the relevant employee record. Texts are routed to the right account owner, so it’s easy to confirm interviews, send follow-up information and save time through the automatic storing of incoming and outgoing messages.

Learn more about TempWorks >

For staffing and recruiting companies, Zipwhip also has integrations for Bullhorn, KWANTEK, COATS, SmartSearch, TrackerRMS and more. Visit our Marketplace for details.




ClubReady (Fitness)

When members of gyms and other fitness studios can’t make it into their physical locations, staying connected to staff and instructors is easy with text messaging. Texting is also useful to confirm class attendance, remind members about dues and answer general questions.

Zipwhip for ClubReady pairs leading texting integration software with the only all-in-one club management product in the industry, allowing fitness brands to communicate with their members via the method they prefer—text messaging.

By leveraging the powerful, flexible features of Zipwhip from within ClubReady, users can reach clients faster to increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and foster engagement without disrupting their workflow. Contacts are automatically created in Zipwhip for any messages exchanged with an unknown number that matches a mobile number in ClubReady.

New and unread messages appear in a convenient Zipwhip Inbox displayed directly on the ClubReady Dashboard, while all outgoing and incoming messages are archived and logged in real time within ClubReady Leadspeak. Additionally, send and receive messages directly from the Workit tab and view message history for the selected contact using the embedded Zipwhip messaging widget.

Learn more about ClubReady >

For gyms and fitness and wellness studios, Zipwhip also has an integration for MINDBODY. Visit our Marketplace for details.


hubspot logo



HubSpot (Marketing)

HubSpot is ideally used for integrating marketing campaigns with texts. Today, consumers expect a personalized experience at every touchpoint. Zipwhip’s integration with Hubspot connects your text message conversations with contacts saved in your CRM. Seamlessly log all text messages sent from your business phone number to individual records.

Support contacts throughout the entire customer lifecycle by answering questions in real time, nurture leads with follow-up information and be there for customers when they need a little extra help. Also, Zipwhip enables you to send and receive text messages from your existing landline or toll-free phone number. Our two-way texting service allows any type of business to manage multiple conversations and track messages in one centralized place.

With this texting integration, conversations are seamlessly synced inside the activity section of the lead record. Texts are routed to the right sales rep, so it’s easy for them to build and nurture those relationships as well as schedule follow-up tasks.

Learn more about HubSpot >

Find even more business texting integrations in our marketplace

Learn all about business texting and then visit our Marketplace for a list of all our integrations. Texting makes it easy for your customers to reach you and, more importantly, for you to reach them. Your customers are only a text away. It really is that simple.

Adopting business texting is a proven way to increase customer satisfaction and improve the daily workflow of employees. Tasks that currently take hours each day can be streamlined through Group Messaging, Scheduled Messages, Auto Replies and more time-saving features.

Our 2020 State of Texting report found that consumers prefer to use texting when communicating with a business, especially when it comes to scheduling appointments and receiving confirmations and reminders. They also like the ability to communicate using two-way texting, where one-on-one conversations can be had with a company representative.

For more info on texting integration software and to learn how business texting can improve your customer communications, download our free e-book: The Ultimate Guide to Texting Your Customers. This valuable resource outlines the benefits of business texting, includes tips on getting started, ways to market your new texting capabilities, practical etiquette for teams to keep in mind and much more.

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