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We’re excited to announce that Tagboard, a premier social search and display platform, is now integrated with Zipwhip. Here’s how the two platforms will work together to offer customers a richer user-generated content experience.

What is Tagboard?

Tagboard is an industry-leading social media display software that helps businesses discover, curate and showcase user-generated content. Before integrating with Zipwhip, Tagboard exclusively pulled content from public social media channels.

This has made it a popular visual platform for sporting events, conferences, trade shows, concerts, and broadcast TV stations. However, there are additional use case examples for a wide array of industries, including retail, education, housing and human resources. It’s an incredible way to drive engagement and let audiences interact with a brand on a personal level.

How does Zipwhip work with Tagboard?

Simply put: With Zipwhip, you now can display text messages on your Tagboard social display with a single click. When integrated, a Tagboard arrow appears next to each text in the Zipwhip app. Businesses can simply click the arrow to add the texted photo, video, comment or question to their Tagboard display.

Zipwhip activates an entirely new world of user-generated content opportunities through text message, and Tagboard creates a rich, visual interface to impactfully display them.
zipwhip and tagboard integration

Why should this matter to my business?

Texting is a vital, yet frequently overlooked component to social marketing. It allows businesses to engage with consumers in an entirely new way, and as a result, expands your audience beyond those actively using social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Our 2019 State of Texting report shows that people prefer text messaging to any other form of communication. By offering texting as an option, you’re catering to consumer preferences.

Perhaps the most exciting element of adding texting to the Tagboard experience is enabling two-way conversations. You can now quickly and easily respond directly to someone’s text—no app or Wi-Fi required.

For example, you can follow-up with a quick “thank-you” or encourage users to keep sending more content. Or, if a user shares a picture that’s too dark, quickly text them back to see if they can send a brighter one. Conversational texting also allows you to immediately build a B2C relationship in ways that social media can’t always support. Once the content is captured, you can continue the dialogue on this private texting channel out of the eye of the public. You also provide a direct line for future conversations regarding customer service or other needs that may arise.

This is incredibly beneficial for people who:

  • Don’t use social media
  • Have their social media on private
  • Want to share their content, just not on their own social media profiles
  • Don’t have data or Internet connection, but have cell service and want to participate
  • Want to share something anonymously, without having their social profiles revealed

How can my business use this?

Although sports, broadcast TV, concerts and more are the most common use cases for Tagboard, the integration can be used in many ways you might not realize.

External Uses

  • Broadcast Television:  Differentiate yourself from competitors with an interactive and innovative way to engage audiences of all ages.
  • Conferences, Conferences & Events: Entertain audiences by bringing text messages to life with Tagboard’s rich visuals and impactful display
  • Education: Nurture your school spirit and attract new students by highlighting student life, academics, athletics and more.
  • Sports: Activate your fanbase and keep them engaged throughout the entire game. There’s nothing more exciting to a die-hard fan than being featured on the big screen.
  • Real Estate & Hospitality:  Display comments, photos and testimonials online and onsite to share customer feedback and brand loyalty.
  • Recruiting: Show off your company culture on your careers webpage by highlighting employee-created content.
  • Retail: Drive sales by showcasing photos of happy customers wearing or using your product either in-store or on your website.

Internal Uses

  • Internal Company Communication: Share company news and announcements, employee stories and more on your internal Tagboard simply and effectively. This can live on your intranet or displayed directly in your office.
  • Classes or Company Meetings: Keep employees or students engaged by asking them to submit questions or comments during your large meetings or classes.

Essentially, you can now harness the power of texting and social media—the world’s most preferred communication channels—to drive business, increase brand awareness, engage with your audience and impact your community.

Learn more about the Zipwhip and Tagboard integration here.

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