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There’s been a lot going on recently at Zipwhip and we didn’t want to forget to announce an exciting new feature. Zipwhip recently released MMS capability for our customers. Business and Enterprise customers can send and receive pictures using their landline and toll free phone numbers with our cloud-based web app. Picture messaging opens up a world of opportunities for companies. This feature is just as convenient and immediate as texting, but it delivers a much more engaging message and can help to improve processes.

Since releasing this feature a month ago, here are a few different ways we’ve seen our customers use the MMS feature.

One of the customers we see benefiting the most from the MMS feature are florists. In addition to sending a confirmation message to the person who placed the order when flowers are about to go out for delivery and an estimated time of arrival, customers can now see the bouquet and provide any last minute changes. For busy holidays like Mother’s Day and upcoming graduations, the ability to send a picture of an order is a great way to ensure customers are happy with their order before it arrives to their loved ones.

Staffing companies rely on quick and direct communication with their job seekers. If a client has found some temporary work, recruiters can send out schedules or other important information for their new position. This will help cut down on the number of long e-mail chains sent out with big attachments.

Our radio customers frequently hold contests for giveaways to increase listener engagement. Leveraging picture messaging allows radio stations to hold more creative and original contest ideas. For the past 25 years, WVOK in Oxford, Alabama has held contests that relied primarily on listener call-in participation. Since adding text messaging to supplement their promotions, program director Jock Burgess has seen the new possibilities with integrating picture texting. “We are still experimenting with possibilities. WVOK recently began on air promotions utilizing picture texting with a game of I-Spy. I describe something and listeners text in a picture from their phone of what they think it is. First one with the right picture wins.” WVOK is doing a fantastic job of incentivizing listeners to engage with their station using the ease of sending a picture message. To listen to Jock play the I-Spy game with his listeners, check out our Soundcloud page here.

Insurance agents can use the MMS feature in a number of ways. Customers can send photos to their agent of damages and get immediate feedback.  Agents can send quotes and policy information, and now that more and more states are allowing drivers to provide digital proof of insurance this feature is becoming especially useful. “We communicate with clients on their terms. Agents can confirm vital information or send a prospect a picture of a quote instantly,” says President of Passarell Insurance Jason Passarell.

Zipwhip picture texting is available for Business and Enterprise customers. Our web app supports the most common image file formats like JPGs, PNGs, GIFs and Bitmaps. To add this feature to your Zipwhip account, contact or reach out to your current account manager.

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