Zipwhip partners with primary Wave Media to bring cloud texting to vanity toll free numbers

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SEATTLE, WA–(Marketwired – Jul 29, 2013) – Zipwhip, which pioneered the concept of cloud texting, announced today that it has partnered with Primary Wave Media to make it simple and cost-effective for businesses to text-enable their vanity toll free numbers.

In May, Zipwhip announced that it could equip all landline and toll free numbers with its unique cloud texting capability. The partnership with Primary Wave Media — an integrated marketing and media company that has been licensing named vanity toll free number marketing packages and local vanity numbers to businesses for more than eight years — makes it easy for businesses using vanity numbers to leverage Zipwhip’s offering.

Zipwhip and Primary Wave already are in discussions with leading businesses like 1-800-FLOWERS, which rely heavily on vanity numbers in their branding, to add the ability to send and receive text messages from those numbers.

“Vanity toll free numbers are a huge part of the identity of many businesses and are important components of their advertising and marketing campaigns,” said John Lauer, CEO of Zipwhip. “This partnership allows us to significantly extend our reach in helping businesses leverage text messaging’s popularity as the go-to form of communication for so many consumers. Being able to send and receive texts over their toll free numbers essentially doubles the marketing effectiveness of those numbers.”

Zipwhip’s cloud texting capabilities offer a more efficient and simpler alternative to marketing with short codes, which break from the familiar mobile experience because they require consumers to remember another number.

“This was a real eureka moment for us — it’s the upgrade for vanity toll free numbers that we’ve been seeking for several years,” said Gregg Hamerschlag, founder and CEO of Primary Wave Media. “To us, Zipwhip’s solution is the holy grail. It makes the vanity phone number all things for all people. There is no learning curve — consumers know the numbers and they already text more than they talk, and businesses need to be able to communicate with them by text.”

Primary Wave Media licenses a wide range of shared-use toll free numbers, including 1-800-CABLE-TV, 1-800-HOME-CARE, 1-800-HOSPICE, 1-800-HURT-NOW, 1-877-WINDOWS and 1-800-WIRELESS. Those numbers are used by smaller businesses on a regional basis and can also be text-enabled with Zipwhip’s service.

Zipwhip’s landline and toll free texting services require businesses to make no changes to their existing numbers, service or hardware — they simply sign up with Zipwhip, download the app and start texting from any connected device. Zipwhip partners with landline operators to offer this functionality, and Zipwhip text messaging supports all web browsers, all desktop operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), iPad, Android tablets, Amazon Kindle, and Windows 8 desktop.

“All phone numbers should be text-enabled, because that’s what consumers are demanding,” Lauer said. “By partnering with leaders like Primary Wave Media, Zipwhip is answering that demand and bringing the ability to text to every phone number.”

About Zipwhip

Zipwhip, the world’s first text carrier, transformed the traditional short messaging model by allowing mobile subscribers to text message from virtually any connected device with a fully synchronized experience using their existing phone numbers. Unlike other messaging applications, Zipwhip is focused on helping mobile and landline operators modernize the text messaging medium beyond mobile phones via both the SMS and IP channels. Zipwhip is recognized for its carrier-grade cloud texting platform and suite of consumer-facing applications for the desktop, Web and tablet. Its technology introduces trailblazing functionality while holding true to the distinct culture of texting that consumers have grown to love. For more information, visit

About Primary Wave Media

Primary Wave Media is a leading integrated marketing, licensing and media company that develops industry-defining, IP-based branding assets and campaigns designed for B2C companies in highly competitive, high-growth industry segments. Primary Wave Media provides unique, custom business-building marketing solutions, through the use of vanity phone numbers, to increase customer engagement and brand recognition on both a national and regional level for new and established brands. As one of the nation’s leading providers of toll free vanity number marketing programs, Primary Wave Media licenses a wide range of shared-use 800 numbers, including 1-800-CABLE-TV, 1-800-HOME-CARE, 1-800-HURT-NOW, 1-877-WINDOWS and 1-800-WIRELESS, among others.

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