This month, Zipwhip announced an engagement with AdaptiveMobile to fight text message spam. AdaptiveMobile is the premiere mobile messaging security solution which is utilized in 9 of the top 10 operators worldwide. Texting to business landline and toll-free numbers is still new enough that spam isn’t an issue. Thanks to this partnership, it won’t become a problem in the future.

Zipwhip invented the market for Enterprise-to-Person (E2P) texting and powers the technology that makes texting to toll-free phone numbers possible. We take the integrity of the E2P texting platform seriously. That’s why Zipwhip is leading the charge in the fight against spam.

Once again, we’re setting the standard for the industry. Since we signed on with AdaptiveMobile and proved our commitment to keeping E2P texting spam-free, other messaging providers have followed our lead. So if text spam is not a problem now, why is fighting spam so important to us? Here are three reasons Zipwhip is leading the charge to keep SMS communications abuse-free.

1 – Keep texting simple.

When spam safeguards are set up the right way (in the background with an enterprise-grade system like AdaptiveMobile’s), it lets people communicate naturally. AdaptiveMobile weeds out bad traffic before it reaches consumers, which makes E2P texting safer and easier to use than other platforms.

Take short codes, for example. It’s a pain for companies to get a short code up and running because of the slow vetting and review process. Then, there are all the rules. Short code texts have to contain lots of terms and conditions, it sounds like a robot wrote them. We’re all humans here. We like short, simple messages.

2 – Texts are better than emails.

Text messages are powerful because they’re so personal and immediate. Most of us carry our phones in our pockets and check new texts quickly. Would we pay such close attention if our text inbox looked like our email inbox? Probably not.

AdaptiveMobile keeps spam rates below 1%, whereas nearly 70% of email traffic is spam. We don’t need go there.

3 – It’s the right thing to do.

Sure, Zipwhip could solely charge by the message and open the floodgates. We could make a ton of money with a text spam free-for-all, but that’s a jerk move. That’s not us.

We’re dedicated to keeping text messaging personal, immediate, and delivering high-quality experiences for mobile end-users. Zipwhip stands by the integrity of our software and the integrity of thousands of enterprises and small businesses that choose to work with us. If you want to send spam, you won’t have any luck here.

Text messaging is one channel of communication that remains unaffected by spammers and telemarketers. It’s a primary reason texting is so popular. Zipwhip’s partnership with AdaptiveMobile is another key step toward keeping E2P text messaging spam-free. It’s a step we’re proud to take.

Read our press release here.




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