Now Available: Zipwhip 2.0 Extension for Chrome, Firefox and Edge Chromium

zipwhip browser extension

Zipwhip Chrome Extension

Our team has been working hard to bring much-needed updates to our browser extension, and we’re excited to finally share them with you. The Zipwhip Extension, now available for Chrome, Firefox and Edge Chromium, gives you access to all the flexible features of the Zipwhip 2.0 texting-for-business app right within your customer relationship management (CRM) system or other web app.

We wanted our browser extension to be as close to the web app experience as possible. Here’s what we changed to help you work more efficiently with Zipwhip.

Convenient access to Zipwhip’s core features

Don’t you love when your work day just…flows? We do, too. You can now access Zipwhip’s core features directly from your CRM or web app by clicking the “Z” next to any mobile phone number or in the browser’s toolbar. This brings an intuitive approach to your work flow without requiring you to toggle between apps. The Zipwhip Browser Extension creates a seamless texting experience with any CRM, without requiring a full integration.

Keep the conversation going

zipwhip browser extention

Stay organized

Create, edit and view Contact Details within the browser extension.
Manage text conversations with the Zipwhip browser extension

Get more done in less time

Access your saved Zipwhip contacts with auto-fill and send group messages to up to 50 BCC’d contacts at a time.
Auto-fill contact info and send group messages with the Zipwhip browser extension

Never miss a message

You can view all conversations by contact, view unread texts and manage existing conversations right from the extension.
zipwhip browser extention contacts

How to Download

If you’ve already downloaded the extension for Chrome, it will update automatically. Just open it up to check out all the new functionality. If not, you can download the extension for both Chrome and Firefox here.

Want to start texting from your CRM or web applications, but don’t have Zipwhip yet? Sign up for free trial and test it out.

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