D2D lets dispatchers communicate instantly via map

Dispatch to Dispatch map

Zipwhip introduced the beta version of Dispatch to Dispatch (D2D) at the 2017 LCT Show in Las Vegas. Nearly 400 limousine and town car operators use Zipwhip Texting to significantly improve communications with clients, drivers, and independent operators.

The idea behind D2D (Dispatch to Dispatch) is that, even with the interconnectivity affiliates enjoy with their software, there are still too many phone calls between affiliates. Phone calls take time, clog phone lines, increase hold times, slow down the process, and create mistakes–all problems that Zipwhip Texting has proven to reduce in other areas of operation by a wide margin. We expect the same result with D2D.

We asked some operations managers and directors, “Would being able to communicate with your affiliates via Zipwhip save you time and money and reduce mistakes?” The answer was overwhelmingly yes.

D2D has proven an instant hit — the map received over 500 hits in two days.

How D2D works

The map displays the general location of Zipwhip-enabled operators. Click on the location symbol (or the name of the company) and, in conjunction with the Zipwhip Google Chrome Extension, a small iconZipwhip small iconwill be placed next to the affiliates number that can then be clicked, allowing instant D2D communication.  The Chrome Extension will also allow you to instantly text any ten-digit text-enabled phone number displayed in any web application in Chrome.

Want to see your name on the map?

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