Zipwhip launches business-class package to address growing demand for enhanced cloud texting features

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SEATTLE, WA–(Marketwired – Aug 21, 2013) – Zipwhip, the world’s first text carrier, today launched its Business-Class offering for businesses that want to fully leverage the power of cloud texting for their marketing and customer service efforts and maximize the efficiency of their business operations.

Like its other services, Zipwhip’s Business-Class package leverages the company’s carrier-grade cloud texting platform to allow businesses to text enable their existing landline and toll-free numbers to send and receive text messages from any connected desktop, tablet or smartphone. The company’s Business-Class package, however, is equipped with a broad range of enhanced features to accommodate the needs of thriving businesses, including:

  • Unlimited logins, which allows multiple representatives of the business to simultaneously send and receive text messages from different devices using the same existing business phone number.
  • The ability to send and receive up to 10 messages per minute.
  • A customizable auto-reply messaging functionality lets businesses set up multiple auto-reply messages that provide customers with immediate responses and alert them that the business got their message.
  • The ability to set up customized signatures to attach to every outbound message.
  • Scheduled texting capability that allows for timed delivery of critical messages like appointment reminders.
  • A group texting functionality that allows groups of up to 100 people to be created.
  • An advanced contacts import function that lets businesses efficiently upload contacts from a CSV file.

“Zipwhip’s cloud texting service has proven to be an extremely valuable tool for the marketing and customer service efforts of a wide range of organizations, and our new Business-Class offering is custom-designed to take full advantage of the effectiveness of cloud texting,” said John Lauer, CEO of Zipwhip. “Whether you own a hair salon and are trying to make the appointment-making process more efficient or a restaurant that needs to communicate shift changes to hundreds of employees at once, this package will help you do it.”

Darryl Ferdinand, who owns 1-800 CARS and provides vanity toll-free numbers, is using Zipwhip’s Business-Class service to text enable his own toll-free line and for text enabling his customer’s toll-free lines. He said he was waiting for someone to text enable toll-free lines for five years because the numbers are critically important to businesses, and now text messaging is the way the vast majority of consumers prefer to communicate. Being able to text with businesses to make and change appointments or place and check on orders eliminates the frustrating, inefficient back-and-forth of voice mail that most consumers loathe.

“Originally people wanted to call in and talk to someone over the phone, then they wanted email — now they only want to text,” Ferdinand said. “When customers are standing outside in the pouring rain waiting for a taxi, they don’t want to wait for someone to pick up the phone or be put on hold. They just want to send a text and know someone got the message — and functions like Zipwhip’s auto-reply allow for that.”

Zipwhip offers its Business-Class service free for a 14-day trial. After the trial, the service is available for $99.95 per month. Businesses interested in having their landline and toll-free numbers text-enabled should contact Zipwhip at or sign up for service at

About Zipwhip

Zipwhip, the world’s first text carrier, pioneered the concept of cloud texting by enabling existing landline, mobile and toll-free numbers to send and receive text messages from virtually any connected desktop, tablet or smartphone. Zipwhip’s carrier-grade cloud texting platform helps mobile and landline operators modernize the text messaging medium. Its technology introduces trailblazing functionality while holding true to the distinct culture of texting that consumers have grown to love. Zipwhip now has more than 7 million registered users of its cloud texting services. For more information, visit

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