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zipwhip keyword report

We’re excited to announce the launch of Keyword Reporting, a data tool that will help you better understand how customers engage with your business via texting. Keyword Reporting provides both high-level and detailed insights into your Keyword campaigns, allowing you to determine what’s working and what’s not. Here’s how to access the tool and how to use it.

What are Keywords?

Zipwhip’s Keyword tool is used to deliver automated responses to text messages from your customers. When a customer texts one of your set Keywords to your landline, VoIP or toll-free phone number, they instantly receive answers tied to those Keywords. For example, texting in DIRECTIONS could trigger the response: “We are located at 300 Elliott Ave W, Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98119.”

Keywords are an ideal way to provide important information to your customers around the clock without needing your involvement.

The benefits of Keyword Reporting

This is a tip you’ve likely heard time and time again: To get ahead of the competition, it’s essential that you track and analyze your data. It’s the best way to get tangible evidence that your hard work is paying off and that you’re achieving the highest potential ROI from your expense dollars. And if something isn’t hitting the mark, data enables you to shift your strategy and continually optimize.

Zipwhip’s Keyword Reporting tool will help you make smarter decisions about your Keyword strategies by providing a fast, easy and convenient platform to evaluate all keywords, across all lines, from one location. You can optimize your campaigns with insights such as:

  • Which keywords have a high response rate
  • What day and time receives the best engagement
  • Which keywords aren’t effective
  • Inactive keywords due to misspelling or other forms of human error

Reporting offers greater insight into how effectively your Keywords are providing a positive customer experience so you can adjust marketing efforts as necessary.

How to access Keyword Reporting

If you have Admin access, go to the Zipwhip Admin Console in the upper right corner of your screen.
Zipwhip Screenshot for accessing the admin console
Choose Keyword Reports in the left-hand column.
Zipwhip screenshot of admin console options

Viewing options in Keyword Reporting

General overview. When you first look at the Keyword Reports tab, you’ll see a high-level summary of Keyword activity from the last seven days. However, you can change the view to display Keyword activity from the day before, last 30 days or last 90 days. You can also view in different time zones to collaborate with members of your team across the country.
Zipwhip's keyword reporting tool table view
Chart view. Need to better visualize individual Keyword performance? Just click on a highlighted Keyword row for a line graph that shows Keyword activity over time.
Zipwhip keyword reporting chart view
Export Keyword summary. You can export Keyword summary data to a CSV file where you’ll see the Keyword, line name, the number of inbound messages from that line and whether it’s a unique contact.

Export Keyword details. If you’d rather see a more detailed view of your data, you can download the Keyword details to a CSV file where you’ll see the all the data from the Keyword summary file along with a timestamp showing the date and exact time each message was received.

How to download Zipwhip Keyword Reporting to CSV file

Keyword Reporting video tutorial

See Zipwhip’s Keyword Reporting tool in action with this short tutorial.

Learn about Zipwhip’s texting-for-business features and how they can help you reach your customer communication goals.

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