Zipwhip highlights from CTIA 2014

john lauer ctia 2014 speech

Another exciting CTIA Super Mobility Week is in the books. The event is the nation’s largest forum for mobile innovation where industry leaders discuss the latest mobility trends today with industry peers. Zipwhip was honored to attend and display our own innovations with other wireless industry movers and shakers. With three days full of meetings, two Textpressos, and even a photo booth, there was no shortage of excitement.

The show really kicked into gear Tuesday afternoon after John Lauer, Zipwhip CEO, gave a speech entitled “Why the Phone Number is not Dead.” John outlined his top ten reasons why the phone number as we know it is still a vital tool for the mobile ecosystem to leverage for years to come.

In addition to the Lauer’s discussion, Zipwhip was excited to debut Sprint hard goods mobile payment method. After refitting one of the Textpressos, Sprint mobile subscribers and CTIA attendees were encouraged to text the text enabled espresso machine’s toll free number to buy a coffee that would then be charged to their monthly phone bill. Payment via text message is an industry first for a US wireless operator. Sprint is now working towards enabling all their post paid subscribers to purchase hard goods, like a carryout order or morning beverage, and have that purchase added to a separate section of their monthly phone bill.

Zipwhip also demonstrated MMS over Verizon network for toll-free with an interactive photo booth. The Zipwhip team unveiled this announcement Tuesday night at the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan where photo booth pics were sent from the photo booth’s landline phone number to the recipient’s mobile phone number. The party proved to be one of the best attended at the conference as Zipwhip mingled with industry leaders and even celebrated a little bit ourselves.

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