How Four Zipwhip Customers Use Group Messaging to Get Information Out Fast

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From company announcements to last-minute changes, businesses of any size regularly distribute important information to many people at once. Traditionally, email has been the tool to get the job done, but its lack of visibility in a crowded email inbox isn’t ideal. That’s why businesses turn to group texting for business.

While texting itself ensures customers will actually see your messages, Zipwhip’s Group Messaging feature lets businesses save time and better organize their workday by sending BCC texts of up to groups of 50. (Group Messaging for up to 100 contacts is currently in beta.)

Below, four Zipwhip users share how group texting simplifies communication with their customers.

Managing delivery routes with group texting for business

Zipwhip customer: Wittichen Supply Company in Birmingham, Alabama

What they do: HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) wholesale distributor

Who their customers are: Industrial commercial and residential HVAC mechanical contractors

How they use Group Messaging: Before adopting Zipwhip, Wittichen Supply drivers called customers individually to confirm last-minute order requests on their delivery route. Employees would end up playing phone tag for a couple of hours with any businesses that didn’t answer the phone.

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Wittichen Supply now uses Group Messages to take care of their delivery route check-ins. Instead of placing calls to customers one by one, they send a single group text that includes every business on their weekly route.

Customers don’t have to pause and answer a phone call or spend time calling back. They just shoot a quick text with any questions about their orders or last-minute changes. Every customer’s needs are accounted for without placing a phone call.

Wittichen Supply combines Zipwhip features to maximize productivity with group texting. They use Templates to skip typing out the same message every week, along with Scheduled Messages, which lets them compose texts ahead of time.

These features are what nudged Wittichen Supply to choose Zipwhip over our competitors.

“That really put it over the top for us to select Zipwhip because it enabled us to create and schedule messages for our delivery routes,” said Gary Gerson, director of information technology at Wittichen Supply. “That put it over the edge for us because that was a feature nobody else had.”

Learn more about how Wittichen Supply Company uses text messaging in their day-to-day operations.

Daily check-ins with employees using group messaging

Zipwhip customer: Visiting Angels of Aurora, serving the Greater Aurora area in Colorado

What they do: In-home caregiving

Who their customers are: Seniors in need of scheduled or around-the-clock care at home

How they use Group Messaging: Visiting Angels care for one of the most vulnerable demographics amid the coronavirus epidemic. Rapid and efficient communication between caregivers and staff members is essential to ensure client safety.

Visiting Angels use Group Messaging to confirm that caregivers are feeling healthy, aren’t showing signs of illness, and that they haven’t encountered other sick people before starting their shifts. If a caregiver is not well, they can reply to the BCC Group Message text with their symptoms.

“Before we were texting, the phone situation was a zoo during business hours,” said Terry Ruch, director of Visiting Angels. “We encourage our caregivers to text the office instead of calling. This has freed up our phone lines for what we guess is a 50% reduction in employee phone calls.”

The coronavirus outbreak is an evolving situation that seemingly changes every day. Visiting Angels use Group Messaging to update caregivers on new company policies or other related information. They recently shared news about an available shipment of surgical masks and updates on pay.

A sample group text message using Zipwhip's Group Messaging feature

Group texting for business: An example showing how Visiting Angels of Aurora uses Zipwhip’s Group Messaging feature.

Gathering survey responses with group texting for business

Zipwhip customer: The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Epidemiology Program of Alaska. MCH Epidemiology is a unit within the Women’s, Children’s and Family Health Section of the Division of Public Health in the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services.

What they do: They gather and provide reliable data for use in measuring and tracking health status, planning and evaluating programs, guiding public health policy and preventing poor health outcomes.

Who their audience is: MCH Epidemiology serves women, children, young adults and families throughout the state of Alaska.

How they use Group Messaging: MCH Epidemiology recently adopted texting through Zipwhip’s free service to nonprofits and government agencies that are on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. Right away, they found value in using text messaging to gather responses to the unit’s COVID-19 related surveys.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in Alaska, MCH Epidemiology began distributing a series of surveys to families throughout the state to gather information about the pandemic’s overall impact on family health and wellbeing. Text messaging and Zipwhip’s Group Messaging feature proved to be the right addition to their outreach.

MCH Epidemiology kicked off their series of surveys during a nightly press briefing by the state’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Health Commissioner and Governer. As the CMO announced the survey on air, a phone number with the text Keyword SURVEY was placed on screen so that viewers could receive a link to fill out the survey on their phones.

“That feature of being able to text in and get the survey, we think really increased our response to the survey,” said Dr. Jared Parrish, senior MCH epidemiologist in the Alaska Division of Public Health. “Receiving over 3,000 responses in less than a week is impressive.”

About engagement, he further explained, “What we’ve noticed in its usefulness is the ability to follow up with people who agreed to receive subsequent surveys through that texting feature. The ability to follow up through another medium has been really beneficial.”

To increase survey response rates, MCH Epidemiology uses Group Messaging to follow up with contacts who have requested the survey link. Group Messaging is also used to send out future surveys and reminders to participants who have opted in via text. You can see the results of their surveys here.

Keeping customers informed on fitness class updates with group texting for business

Zipwhip customer: Club Pilates franchise location in Ashburn, Virginia

What they do: They offer low-impact, full-body Pilates workouts that benefit the body and mind.

Who their customers are: Fitness enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels

How they use Group Messaging: Club Pilates uses Group Messaging to keep clients informed about important class updates and any general information that needs to be shared quickly. And because it saves time from sending a text to one person at a time, group texting for business has helped streamline how employees can reach prospects and members.

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“Being able to send group messages makes it convenient to reach up to 50 people with one single text,” said Ryan Ask, franchise owner of Club Pilates in Ashburn.

The team also uses Group Messaging to send COVID-19 updates to members, as the fast-changing pandemic requires constant communication. Employees can’t take in-house calls while the studio is closed. Instead, they’ve been using texting to contact members with links and updates as they become available.

Interested in using group texting for business and other business texting features with your customers? Start a free trial of Zipwhip today.

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