We have now extended our landline texting service to include toll free business numbers! Below is our press release in it’s entirety. Please let us know what you think about this exciting new product.

Zipwhip expands landline texting to toll free business numbers

New service multiplies the interactivity of customer care

 SEATTLE (May 14, 2013) — The approximately 10 million toll free numbers used by U.S. businesses just doubled in value: Zipwhip, which pioneered the concept of cloud texting, announced today that it can now equip existing toll free numbers to send and receive text messages.

That expansion of Zipwhip’s cloud texting innovation means toll free numbers that have been limited to only receiving inbound customer calls can now become two-way portals for interaction with customers.

“Businesses’ toll free numbers are only working half as hard as they could be,” said John Lauer, CEO of Zipwhip. “Being able to send and receive texts over those numbers means customers who previously had to navigate through several menu options and were held captive listening to hold music as they waited for a human voice to answer their questions can now simply text the same number for a quick response—and businesses can reply.”

Like its landline texting application announced earlier this year, Zipwhip’s toll free texting service requires businesses to make no changes to their existing numbers, service or hardware—they simply sign up with Zipwhip, download the app and start texting from any connected device. Zipwhip partners with landline operators to offer this functionality, and Zipwhip text messaging supports all web browsers, all desktop operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), iPad, Android tablets, Amazon Kindle, and Windows 8 desktop.

Businesses that have vanity toll free numbers that are heavily promoted in various forms of advertising will find Zipwhip’s toll free texting capability particularly appealing.

Zipwhip’s services allow businesses to leverage text messaging’s burgeoning popularity as the go-to form of communication for many consumers. And they want to do that from their own devices, not from one of many over-the-top messaging applications that are now available.

“Consumers don’t want to wait on hold—they want to use text messaging to contact businesses at numbers they already have, and at the time and place that’s convenient for them,” Lauer said. “Mobile carriers already are identifying that nearly two percent of texts from their networks are going to landline numbers, because mobile customers are experimenting or even assuming that the business numbers they’re familiar with are equipped to communicate with them the way they want to communicate—via text.”

The toll free number texting service is available now, with pricing starting at $99 per month. Businesses interested in having their toll free numbers text enabled should contact Zipwhip at info@zipwhip.com or sign up for service at zipwhip.com.




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