Zipwhip Employees are Saving and Celebrating the Planet

Today, Zipwhip honors Earth Day (April 22). But the day-long observance pales in comparison to the month-long celebration in which its employees have taken part. For Zipwhip, Earth Day has been Earth Month.

It has become clear that the planet is in ecological crisis and that the actions of individuals can either help or hinder the problem. More and more businesses have also joined the cause, realizing that their own sustainability is inextricably linked to the sustainability of the Earth.

Launched in 2020, Zipwhip’s “Green Team” is an employee-driven group that has been working to make an impact in the area of the environment and sustainability issues, both at work and at home. The Green Team organized and sponsored our month-long endeavor and many employees company-wide have participated.

Earth Month has been all about saving and celebrating our planet, and we Zipwhip employees have been engaging in various sustainability-based challenges. Take a look below at a few of the many ways Zipwhippers have been going green.

Photo by Erin Kleiss-Acres (washable kitchen wipes)

Photo by McRae Naayers (appreciating nature)

Photo by Natalie Schwab (plant-based meal)

Photo by Carlene Reyes (natural cleansers)

Photo by Alex Belleba (reusable water bottle)

Photo by Ian Coletti (appreciating nature)

Photo by Manonmayi Vedam (reduce food waste)

Photo by Elisa Ruehlmann (supporting the farmers market)

Photo by Zuriel Cabrera (reusable masks)

Photo by Carlene Reyes (reusable bags)

Photo by Camille Keefe (reusable straw)

Photo by Stacy Randolph (growing vegetables)

Photo by Manonmayi Vedam (growing herbs)

Photo by Alexis Chouery (appreciating nature)

Photo by Keith Hitchcock (bring-your-own take out container to restaurant)

From all of us at Zipwhip, here’s wishing you a happy Earth Day!

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