Zipwhip Drives Text Traffic for Limo Business

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When it comes to reservation management, limo businesses all over the country are finding that text messaging makes life easier. Limo Anywhere, a leading chauffeured transportation software, began offering Zipwhip texting to its 4,000 users this year. Limo Anywhere allows their users to send reservation reminders directly from the CRM system using their Zipwhip enabled landline or toll-free phone number. From there, customer conversations and advanced features like scheduled and group texting are set in Zipwhip’s web app. Of course, all conversations and contacts are stored and accessible across all Zipwhip desktop and mobile applications.

Recent changes in the limo industry precipitated the demand for texting. In a Limousine, Charter and Tour article published in April, author Martin Romjue sums up the challenge to meet consumer demand:

“The chauffeured transportation industry is at a crossroads about how to present the most feasible, competitive booking options for a traditional chauffeured clientele as well as an app-centric younger generation….”

Prior to implementing Zipwhip, limo businesses relied on email and one-way SMS (Short Message Service) alert notifications to communicate. Exclusive Sedan Service Operations Manager Wes Travis describes the shortcomings of this model:

“We initially implemented a texting service that sent texts from a random phone number, but customers, our chauffeurs, and independent operators couldn’t reply back. It was a broken experience.”

Enter Zipwhip. Zipwhip opened up two-way texting, providing a much richer experience, increasing accountability and allowing the business to keep the brand equity associated with their phone number. Limo Anywhere sees Zipwhip as a way to solve three key pain points: driver accountability, missed reservations and brand affinity.

Dispatch uses Zipwhip for internal communication when someone makes a new reservation. They can send a group text to drivers and, within minutes, receive confirmation that they are on their way. Having a record of the conversation allows for greater accountability between drivers and dispatch. Booking uses Zipwhip to send out scheduled texts to passengers in advance, allowing them to confirm their reservation. If a customer needs to revise their reservation (say, if they are running late) they can simply text the business to let them know. This means fewer missed reservations.

Finally, Zipwhip allows the business to keep the brand equity of their existing phone number. While ride share apps like Lyft and Uber may have exploded in popularity recently, they lack the ability to communicate seamlessly via text messaging. In contrast, Zipwhip does not require either the driver or the client to download a third-party app, instead relying on the accessible and trustworthy medium of SMS messages.

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