Even faster texting with Zipwhip Chrome Extension

zipwhip chrome extension

Zipwhip wants to provide you with the smoothest, most seamless texting experience possible. That’s why we created a Chrome Extension. Now, Zipwhip users can text mobile phone numbers on any webpage without needing to log into the web app. That’s one less step between you and your customers.

Customers testing the beta version have found tremendous value in it’s convenience and simplicity. Doug Smith, Owner of Fast Fix Jewelry & Watch Repair, says:

“We started using the Chrome Extension because it actually hooks into our POS system. You click a button, a screen pops up, and all the sudden you’re Zipwhipping the customer. The response from our employees is, ‘This is so cool!'”

How it works

Install the Chrome Extension and log in to your Zipwhip enabled phone number.

The Zipwhip extension identifies phone numbers within the webpages you visit. Enable Page Detect to quickly highlight these numbers. Or, if you have a number in mind, you can enter it directly in the extension menu.

When a webpage is loaded, Zipwhip auto detects phone numbers and displays our orange “Z” icon. Click the icon to open a conversation window, which displays the contact’s entire text message history saved in Zipwhip. Write your message, and click Send. It’s that simple!

This extension is particularly convenient in a web based CRM. Look how simple it is to consolidate contact information from leads:

When a customer replies, a notification appears on screen that allows you to reply or simply mark the text message as read. Like other Zipwhip applications, all messages are saved and synced instantly.

The Zipwhip Chrome Extension is available to all landline and toll free texting customers. Best of all, it’s free!

Download here

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